CBSSports.com NFL insider

“Seattle, I still think they’re a damn good team. They’re sitting in a good spot. They’ve beat some good teams already. Yes, San Diego did get the best of them. I still think they have a hell of a roster, they have a hell of a GM, a hell of a coach. It was no fluke that they won last year. I still think they haven’t figured some things out exactly how they want to use Percy Harvin. This, to me, still is a team that I think will be better in December than in September or October.”
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BOBBY WAGNER – 10/6/14
Seattle Seahawks linebacker

“That’s kind of what he does. We’re not surprised by anything that he does. We know that if they’re going to give him the run, he’s going to make the runs. We know if they’re going to give him the pass, he’s going to make the passes. There’s not much you can do to stop him. It’s fun to watch.”
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Arizona running back

“We know they’re going to (play hard), especially coming off that loss. We still got to prepare like it’s any other week.”
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Associated Press Vikings writer

“It’s a difficult situation right now, there’s no question about it. I certainly can’t speak for what jurors are going to think, but in talking to people who are in Texas, who are kind of based there and cover the legal system really closely down there, there is no question it’s a different environment in Texas when you talk about corporal punishment of a kid. There does seem to be more leeway in Texas for this kind of behavior from parents toward their children. Now the question will be, is this specific incident with this 4-year-old child going to – in the eyes of jurors – (be seen as going too far)? I can’t answer that at this point. I do know that the reaction that the photos have gotten across the country certainly don’t bode well for Adrian Peterson.”
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RAY RATTO – 10/8/14
CSN Bay Area columnist

“I don’t know that you’ll see a game where a team scored in less likely ways, but they just have that gift for choking you until you can’t breathe anymore. I think that’s what happened to the Nationals more than anything else. These guys, even when they’re not the better team – and on paper Washington was clearly better – they just went on muscle memory sometimes. That’s what we saw in that series.”
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JOSH PETER – 10/9/14
USA Today sportswriter

“I did send an email to the league, alerting them to the story we were publishing and offered them a chance to comment. And then I put in a call to confirm that they got our email. I didn’t hear back.”
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DAVID FOX – 10/9/14
Athlon Sports senior writer

“Yeah, certainly any time Oregon loses at home in Eugene, it draws attention. That’s pretty impressive for Arizona. As you mentioned, it was a pretty all-round effort with the way Anu Solomon kind of emerged as a factor in the national scene.”
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CHRIS ALGIERI – 10/10/14
WBO boxing champion

“He was literally the most feared man in boxing – and maybe sports in general. The opportunity arose, and I didn’t even blink at it. I had seen him fight a couple years earlier against Tim Bradley, which was the fight of the year, and I watched that fight and said to myself, ‘I can beat this guy. I can beat him right now.’”
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