ELLIOT KALB – 10/20/14
MLB Network senior research manager

“The Angels didn’t show me much. The Orioles didn’t show me much. It’s up to the Giants. This Royals team won 88 games and they’re a team on the come. They got good, young, homegrown talent, and it’s a fun team for people to get behind and root for. I understand it. I get it. I’m just not buying it again.”
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DAN WOLKEN – 10/20/14
USA Today college football writer

“I think the issue I have with it (is) the defensive backs in that situation, they go up to jam the receivers, and No. 26 for Florida State – to be honest – had no clue what he was doing. And so I understand what Brian Kelly was talking about (Sunday) when he said that Florida State blew the coverage on that play and got rewarded. Basically, the reason that all happened the way it did is because Ronald Darby covered the wrong guy, and as the Notre Dame receiver was trying to run the slant, it sort of looks like a block. I don’t know. Is it a block? Is it trying to run a route and getting cut off? It’s such a fine point in football that I think the officials honestly just guess in that situation.”
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BOB RYAN – 10/21/14
Legendary sports writer, author of Scribe: My Life in Sports

“But anyway, that’s different. I’m comfortable with that – and it’s not a full-time job. It’s not how I earn my living. Since I left Channel 5, I’ve never had a contract with anybody. Everything is piecemeal work, day by day, so it’s different.”
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Newark Star-Ledger columnist

“He was the gold standard for everything. Nobody did for the product that he was pushing what Pete Rozelle did – and that was because, honestly, Pete Rozelle loved his job.”
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JEFF BLAIR – 10/22/14
Sportsnet.ca baseball writer

“The worst thing you can do when you’re playing the Kansas City Royals is give them a comfortable lead and essentially allow Ned Yost to have free rein to use his bullpen – and that’s precisely what happened (Wednesday). Again, I thought the matchup favored the Royals, but I’m really surprised at how they were able to really (get) into not just Jake Peavy but the other pitchers that came out as well.”
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IAN EAGLE – 10/22/14
NFL on CBS analyst

“Until they start winning consistently, they’re not going to be able to get away from that subject. I don’t think they’re the second-best team in the NFL, but I still believe they’re a playoff team in the NFC. The NFC is still very fluid.”
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CBS Sports NFL insider

“I think they’re going to try to run the ball down Green Bay’s throat. I think that’s really their only way to win this game.”
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Denver Broncos running back

“Every day, we have a chance. Every game that we come into, it’s always 50/50. You’re in the NFL, where a lot of guys are good and you never know how the game is going to go. It depends on how the cards are playing, but at the end of the day, we’re going to continue to play Broncos football. We’re going to remain humble and continue to play football the way we play football.”
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GREG COSELL – 10/24/14
NFL Matchup executive producer

“Yeah, so how come Joe Flacco’s not thought of that way? So much of this is perception, and I’m always fascinated by perception.”
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GRANT HEDRICK – 10/24/14
Boise State quarterback

“Everything about this place, I love tremendously. It’s been a great experience my last four-and-a-half years.”
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