PIERRE GARCON – 10/27/14
Washington Redskins wide receiver

“We just got to keep it going. Getting two victories in a row is definitely a good thing and gives us the momentum we need, especially the way our season has been going. Hopefully it carries over to next week. If we keep winning, we’ll be all right.”
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Former Oklahoma Sooners linebacker

“But then fast-forward, I ended up being in the exact same place because those were the seeds that were inside of me. I didn’t know anything else. So I was repeating the same thing, and I had 25 years of torture of myself when I lost my career, and my kids had to sit and watch it. It was difficult for them; it was difficult for me. But sometimes, God works in strange ways. I had to be patient with it. I finally was able to break down the prison that had been built around me that I could stand in front of my son and talk to him about how much I honestly loved him.”
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BILL BUCKNER – 10/28/14
Former MLB All Star first baseman

“Actually, there’s more pressure during the playoffs to get there. If you win the playoffs and get in the World Series, it’s almost like the pressure’s off. It was fun. Everybody, when you’re a little kid, you dream about getting in the seventh game. It’s a great experience. It’s something you dream about when you’re a kid. You play baseball for fun and all of a sudden you get paid to play one game when you have 200 or 300 million people watching.”
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HOWARD BECK – 10/28/14
Bleacher Report senior NBA writer

“I feel like the thing to watch with the Lakers this season is how long is it going to be before Kobe starts to lose his mind? There’s just no help there. They don’t have much of a frontline, as you point out. Rebounding is going to be an issue. Shooting is potentially going to be an issue if the preseason means anything – because they were terrible shooting in the preseason.”
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MLB Hall of Fame slugger

“It’s kind of like the Spurs. It shows you what a real team effort does. It promotes continuity, unity, good leadership on both sides. It’s a real cool thing to watch.”
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JAY GLAZER – 10/29/14
FOX Sports NFL insider

“It’s definitely a different Denver Broncos team because they load up on defense. Instead (of relying entirely on Manning), they went out and said, ‘No, we need a great defense. We need to go get a bunch of guys.’”
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DOC HOLLIDAY – 10/29/14
Marshall football head coach

“Well, we’re concerned about what we can control. Those rankings don’t mean a whole lot right now, to be honest with you. At the end of the year, we’ll look up and see where we are. As long as we keep having success, something really good will happen for this football team. There’s no doubt in my mind about that.”
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ICKEY WOODS – 10/30/14
Former NFL running back

“We’ve been able to raise over $50,000 for Cincinnati Children’s Hospital asthma research division, and we’ve given away over $20,000 in scholarships as well. So we’re doing some great things with the foundation, but we’re along ways from where we need to be. We need all the help we can get from all the great people. When we got a whole lot of people giving a little bit, it adds up to a lot.”
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JOHN DASILVA – 10/30/14
Capital OTB handicapper

“The only problem with Shared Belief is that he’s a gelding, which means he’s not going to be like most other horses and go to the farm and have fun with the mares. The good news for racing is as long as he’s healthy, we’re going to see him on the race track for a long time.”
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