MARK MCCLUNE – 11/10/14
CBS 5 Phoenix

“I guess I don’t believe they’re going to win the Super Bowl, but I really could see a scenario where they’re playing in their home stadium come February.”
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Philadelphia Eagles cornerback

“He had control of the offense today. He made a lot of throws, made adjustments, made calls out there. He looked good.”
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CBS Sports NFL insider

“Everything that I’ve heard leads me to believe she’s going to reinstate him immediately, but then there’s that same issue: Is someone going to sign him? Will he have a team to play for right away in 2014? That may be tough. I do think he plays in 2015.”
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DREW HARE – 11/11/14
Northern Illinois quarterback

“We hear this stuff. But at the same time, we know in this conference every game, every team, everybody plays great. The difference between the top and the bottom isn’t very much.”
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JOEL CORRY – 11/12/14
Former sports agent, current NFL analyst

“But if you want to delay the decision for a year, then you’re going to have to put a tag on him. Because if he goes on the open market – given the weak quarterback crop there is – he’s most likely playing somewhere else.”
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The Ticket in Dallas radio host

“If Michael Irvin was playing today, he wouldn’t have made it in the league. He would have been cut. With the way social media is and everybody with camera phones, can you imagine? He got busted as it was, but can you imagine a guy like that (today) playing that fast and loose? They would be so dead.”
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LAMAR MILLER – 11/13/14
Miami Dolphins running back

“We’re looking forward to them. It’s a rivalry. It’s always going to be a tough game, so we just got to take it one game at a time, and once we get there, just play football.”
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SCOTT COKER – 11/13/14
Bellator MMA president

“If I wasn’t between those two guys, there would have been another fight. These guys are ready to fight.”
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