CBS Sports college football analyst

“I knew everybody should give (Alabama) a mulligan, and they got theirs. That was the one loss that they got, but I don’t think they’ll lose another one. Auburn has got some problems right now.”
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Oklahoma State linebacker

“We’ve seen what we’re capable of this past weekend and all season. We just had to learn how to finish. Last week was an example of what we can do if we just all stick together and finish. We could definitely beat Oregon. It’s going to be a long, tough game there, too. We have to be disciplined. Teams (that run) a spread offense, one mistake can lead to a big play. You have to be assignment sound and get after it.”
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Associated Press Vikings reporter

“I think Adrian Peterson absolutely can overcome it,” Krawczynski said. “I think he has enough equity built up to get past this eventually, but it’s definitely going to take time. His image has certainly taken a hit here.”
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PATRICK CHUNG – 11/19/14
New England Patriots safety

“But when you get a win, it feels a little better. When you get that loss, your body hurts a little more. So it hasn’t been that (much) of a problem right now.”
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KENNETH SCOTT – 11/19/14
Utah wide receiver

“We knew that we could win this game, so we was very confident.” “Obviously our coach was very confident in us to call those plays and be able to execute.”
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Los Angeles Clippers guard

“I think we’re better when we do that. When the ball moves around and hops around, guys are really passing up good shots for great shots and everybody’s a threat out there. That really works in our favor.”
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“I’ve known Steve before we did the film, we have mutual friends in the basketball world and I’ve also done some work with his foundation. I think it just boiled down to a trust.”
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CURRY SEXTON – 11/20/14
Kansas State wide receiver

“We left a lot of plays on the field. We made a ton of mistakes tonight. But I think anytime you can come in here and get a win, we’ll gladly take it despite how poorly we’ve played at times.”
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