JERRY HINNEN – 12/1/14 college football writer

“I don’t understand why you would look at what Florida State’s done the rest of the season against the ACC and then turn around and say, ‘Well, they’re not in any danger against the clear-cut second-best team in the ACC’ – maybe even the best team in the ACC the way Georgia Tech has played. I think it’s going to be another come-down-to-the-wire kind of thing. At this point, honestly, I think Georgia Tech pulls the upset. If you’re Florida State, you can’t just keep doing this game after game after game and expect to come through it unscathed. I think Georgia Tech gets them.”
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MARK MASKE – 12/1/14
Washington Post NFL writer

“Certainly there’s going to be an effort made to move him to see what you can get for him. Maybe you can’t get anything for him and that’s the one way that he stays in Washington and Gruden works with him. But if they can get anything of any kind of value for him . . . yeah, I think they move him and I think they move on.”
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TOM FORNELLI – 12/2/14 college football writer

“It’s so important to play disciplined football. And it’s just sometimes from what I’ve seen for Florida State this year, they get out of their disciplines and it costs them. So it might cost them a lot bigger. It might cost them a playoff berth on Saturday.”
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New Orleans Pelicans forward

“When this team is clicking, this is one of the best teams I’ve played on. We just need to continue to play hard and play great defense and run. This is a team that can really run the ball.”
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UFC fighter

“All of a sudden he’s talking smack and (being) real disrespectful. I respect his fighting skills a lot and underestimating me is a big mistake. Saying you’re going to finish me with your first combo, big mistake. Saying you’re going to finish me in one round, big mistake. I can’t wait to kick his butt in the first round and whisper in his ear and let him know he’s in for a long night. He should leave the trash-talking to Floyd Mayweather – because he’s not very good at it.”
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TYUS JONES – 12/3/14
Duke guard

“We’re looking really good. We have to keep wanting to get better, keep being hungry and keep getting better every day. Each game is a different test for us.”
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Utah guard

“I didn’t really freak out. We didn’t get too down on ourselves as a team, I don’t think. We knew they were going to come back”
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UCF wide receiver

“Justin threw a great ball, the defenders mistimed (their jump), and I just jumped higher and was blessed enough to come down with the ball.”
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