Remember on Thanksgiving when the Eagles strolled into Dallas and utterly embarrassed the Cowboys, 33-10?

Well, it’s been all downhill ever since. The Eagles have lost back-to-back games – at home, no less – to the Seahawks and Cowboys. In fact, the Eagles didn’t just lose; in many ways, they were embarrassed. They lost both games by double digits, and the offense controlled the ball for fewer than 19 minutes both times.

My, how the mighty have fallen.

“It’s amazing what 19 days can do,” Philadelphia’s WIP co-host Rob Ellis said on Ferrall on the Bench. “(People in the city were saying the Eagles) were potentially a 2-seed. It might be the Eagles and Green Bay meeting in the NFC Championship. It could be a rematch and all that kind of stuff. You know what, though? The biggest thing you’re seeing with this team is they can beat up on the patsies. They got a couple of exceptions like the Colts and that Dallas game, but for the most part, when they go toe-to-toe with the big boys, they’ve gotten beat.”

Philly was down 21-0 to Dallas, scored 24 unanswered points to take a 24-21 lead and then got outscored 17-3 thereafter. It all amounted to a 38-27 loss.

“You know how it is in sports,” Ellis said. “Typically when you make a run like that (and) come back, if you get the lead, you usually hang on and put a team away, especially at home. If you get close, then you kind of fall apart a little bit and you can’t make that run. But that’s been the M.O. all year. They’ve been inconsistent. And like I said, the biggest thing is they can’t handle the really, really good teams. It’s amazing to say because they have nine wins, but a lot of those nine wins have come against bad teams.”

Philly’s nine wins have come against Jacksonville, Indianapolis, Washington, St. Louis, New York (Giants), Houston, Carolina, Tennessee and Dallas.

The five losses? San Francisco, Arizona, Green Bay, Seattle and Dallas.

Chip Kelly’s running game has been inconsistent this year – in part because of poor quarterback play from Nick Foles and Mark Sanchez, and in part because DeSean Jackson is no longer around to stretch defenses.

“Sanchez, and you know this very well from being in New York,” Ellis said. “A couple games, you’re okay. You get him exposed beyond that, you’re seeing it. In that league, you got to have two things to win. You got to have a quarterback and you got to have a secondary – and they lack big time in both. Now, you can make excuses all you want that Sanchez is a backup, but guess what? They weren’t getting great quarterback play out of Foles before he went down. It was a stark contrast from last year.

“And their secondary,” Ellis continued, “I’m telling you: you saw it Sunday night. And the fact that (defensive coordinator) Billy Davis and/or Chip Kelly didn’t think it was necessary to make some adjustments and change things up when Bradley Fletcher is getting absolutely torched, it’s amazing.”

Philadelphia, now the No. 7 seed in the NFC, closes the regular season with road games against division rivals Washington (3-11) and New York (5-9).


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