CLARK JUDGE – 12/15/14
NFL expert extraordinaire

“It’s a very complicated situation. Is he going to quit? Will he be fired? Is he going to be traded? It’s a mess. It’s a mess.”
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Saints linebacker

“I think it has to do a lot with our process – just sticking to our process and not really caring about what environment (we play in) or where we’re going. If you execute and you’re the best team on the field, then things will pay off for you.”
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ROB ELLIS – 12/16/14
Philadelphia WIP co-host

“You got to have a quarterback and you got to have a secondary – and they lack big time in both. Now, you can make excuses all you want that Sanchez is a backup, but guess what? They weren’t getting great quarterback play out of Foles before he went down. It was a stark contrast from last year.”
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SHAWN KEMP JR. – 12/17/14
Washington Huskies forward

“I had actually signed with Alabama, but the coach got fired so I ended up going to a prep school for a year. And then I made the decision to come back and play for UW because UW was looking at me ever since I was a sophomore in high school. I just felt it was a great decision to come back up here.”
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Toronto Raptors guard

“We want to keep it like that because our bench, it can be a really key factor for what we want to do in the playoffs and at the end of the regular season. So like I said, we just got to keep it humble and keep working and understand what we’re playing for. We just got to keep working.”
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Jacksonville Jaguars defensive tackle

“He’s a tough SOB. We all rally around him. We’ll always be behind Blake 100 percent.”
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