Deontay Wilder has never lost – he’s 32-0 with 32 knockouts – and he doesn’t expect that to change this Saturday, when he takes on WBC heavyweight champion Bermane Stiverne (24-1-1) at MGM Grand Garden Arena.

“Born to be wild, baby,” Wilder said on Ferrall on the Bench. “This is my job, and I love it. I just like to entertain. When people talk about the heavyweight division, when they come to see fights, they want to see knockouts. That’s what I do. I deliver that. And I’ve been doing a hell of a good job of it.”

Wilder, a Tuscaloosa native, is 6-7 with an 84-inch reach. He is one of the top-ranked heavyweights in the world, and he won the bronze medal at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.

He also strongly dislikes Stiverne.

The feeling is mutual.

“You hit the nail right on the head,” Wilder said. “Every word you said. I kind of hate the man’s guts, which is what makes it an intriguing fight. This is what makes the fight so interesting. Some fighters just pretend like they don’t like each other to promote the fight, to make it big. And you have those that genuinely don’t like each other. And me and him, we genuinely don’t like each other. I really can’t stand the man. I would never say I hate (him) because I don’t hate no one. But let’s put it like this: I want to beat him to an inch of his life. We’ll put it like that. I can’t wait.”

As Scott Ferrall pointed out, though, Stiverne is a scary man. He’s a serious, cold-blooded killer – someone who’s “in a foul mood on his birthday.” Wilder may not like him, but he has to respect him – and his punching power.

Can Wilder knock him out?

“Not only can I, but I will,” Wilder said. “It’s only a matter of time. Everyone’s in luck because it’s not long now. The wait is over. Saturday, Jan. 17. That’s when it all goes down. Like I said, it ain’t a matter of when or can I? It’s when. He’s definitely going down. My prediction is he’s going (down) in (the second round), and if he gets me even more angry than I am now, he’s going to go (down in the first). I can’t wait, man. I cannot wait.”

Stiverne can’t wait, either. His camp has been talking a lot of smack, saying that Wilder hasn’t fought anyone. True or untrue, they won’t be able to say that after Saturday.

“Everything’s been real from my people to his people,” Wilder said. “It makes it exciting. It makes it that much more exciting. When it’s time to fight, all that anger is going to go in the ring. His camp’s been doing a lot of talk. Bermane, he can’t talk. He’s boring. He didn’t add nothing to the heavyweight division. The only thing he added was a fresh face. He’s too boring for boxing. That’s where I come into play. It’s going to be a great fight. I think people have been waiting for this one. This is what we need in the heavyweight division.”


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