TYVIS POWELL – 1/12/15
Ohio State Buckeyes defensive MVP

“We did it for (our fans), and we’re coming home. We brought another national championship back to Columbus, Ohio. And this will not be the last one.”
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BOB RYAN – 1/12/15
Boston Globe columnist

“Because that was the entire dialogue leading up the game. The Ravens were being portrayed as some sort of insurmountable (challenge). And so absolutely when they’re down 14-0 and the Ravens sliced them up as they did in that first period, that was a (validation) of all those fears. But the Patriots did not panic obviously. And that’s where you need to have a leader such as Brady and to have a leader such as Belichick – and they had it.”
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MO WILLIAMS – 1/13/15
Minnesota Timberwolves point guard

“A lot of guys have big games and don’t get the win. I think the most important thing was that we got (the win and ended the skid). A 15-game losing streak – it was just (that) a different feeling in the locker room was needed. We’ve been going hard, practicing hard and not seeing the results on the win column. It’s good to get a win.”
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Miami Hurricanes head coach

“When we get back to campus, we’ll start preparing for Notre Dame. But in the ACC, every game is a a challenge because every opponent presents different circumstances. We have to have an entirely different game plan and hope that our players can make the adjustment and execute that one.”
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JUWAN STATEN – 1/13/15
West Virginia Mountaineers guard

“Coach Hugs, he’s a guy that definitely demands your full attention at all times. He demands you give 110 percent. He just challenges you to be the best you can be. Everybody doesn’t always feel good. You don’t always feel like giving your all every day. But he pushes you through – and those are the days he pushes you the hardest. It makes you become the person you are. He’s done so much for me. He’s made me so much of a tougher player.”
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New Orleans Pelicans guard

“Good defense, got out in transition, made some threes, got to the basket – I mean, we were just playing really good basketball at that point, got on a roll. Next time we need to make a conscious effort to not relax. We ned to keep pushing, but we were really happy with our win.”
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Orlando Magic guard

“They made some tough shots today. But at the end of the day, we got some big stops. We just got to continue to keep playing this way and go back to the way we used to play and just continue to play hard and not defer.”
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RICO GATHERS – 1/14/15
Baylor forward

“I don’t feel like there’s one particular dominant team, and I don’t feel that there’s going to be one particular dominant team because our conference is so tough, especially in the last nine games. That’s when teams really peak.”
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WBC fighter

“It makes it exciting. It makes it that much more exciting. When it’s time to fight, all that anger is going to go in the ring. His camp’s been doing a lot of talk. Bermane, he can’t talk. He’s boring. He didn’t add nothing to the heavyweight division. The only thing he added was a fresh face. He’s too boring for boxing. That’s where I come into play. It’s going to be a great fight. I think people have been waiting for this one. This is what we need in the heavyweight division.”
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Utah forward

“We’re a deep team. We got a lot of guys that can do a lot of things. We’re a tough team. They’re a tough team. It should be a fun game. If we defend like we have been and play as hard as we have, I think we’ll have a great chance of winning.”
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SILAS MELSON – 1/15/15
Gonzaga guard

“It’s (been) a heck of an experience (so far), especially for me being a freshman. Being the hunted (in my) first year in college, hopefully (I can learn and) mature from it.”
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