Pistons guard

“We just been playing well, really just been playing well together. Moving the ball, getting stops on the defensive end and scoring. So it’s really just been going good.”
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LARRY NANCE JR. – 2/4/15
Wyoming forward

“I never heard from Akron, and I’m pretty glad I didn’t. Being out here has been one of the greatest things to happen to me, and I’d have to say it’s working out pretty well.”
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ALEC PETERS – 2/4/15
Valparaiso forward

“I didn’t want to go too far away from home. My parents try to make as many games as they could. So it’s a family atmosphere here. It was an easy choice for me being from Illinois. Valpo is the place for me. This is the one.”
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JON GRAHAM – 2/4/15
Maryland forward

“It’s an honor (to play here). Maryland’s always been a dream school of mine.”
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DAVID DUSEK – 2/5/15
Golfweek Magazine senior writer

“The delay was the problem. But he was getting a lot of assistance. He was clearly grimacing with a lot of pain and discomfort. His shots were spraying all over the place. He was walking at some points like an old man. He used his club as a cane to walk down a couple of hills. It was very clear to everybody that he was not a happy camper making his way around Torrey Pines today.”
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George Washington guard

“There’s nothing easy in the A-10. We just got to make sure we prepare the same way we did for the Dayton game.”
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Pelicans guard

“They actually did a great job of defending the play. They really denied a lot of people the ball and somehow AD got open. Two guys contested it, and it was all bottoms. That just speaks to how great of a player he is. He came out with a great winning play at this time.”
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