Virginia guard

“We’re not a team that has one individual player that comes out every night and dominates. We’re a collective unit. We play together every night and we have different guys step up and everybody just plays their role every night. You never know who’s going to step up each individual night. And I think that’s what makes us hard to play against.”
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JEVON CARTER – 2/16/15
West Virginia guard

“I knew every game, every night was going to be a hard, tough-fought battle. It’s just basketball. You got to keep winning.”
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DANUEL HOUSE – 2/17/15
Texas A&M guard

“A lot of people don’t give us a lot of credit. But the only thing we got to do is just keep playing the game of basketball the way that we know how and how the coaches want every team to play and just compete in the NCAA Tournament and change a lot of people’s minds.”
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SETH JONES – 2/17/15
Predators defenseman

“We’re looking good right now. I like how the lines look and how everyone’s playing. Everyone’s playing hard every night. It pays off.”
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VCU guard

“We don’t really try to focus too much on it because if you focus on trying to stay No. 1, then that’s when you start to tense up and (play not to) lose.”
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JON SCHEYER – 2/18/15
Duke assistant coach

“Part of winning games, you need to finish and you need to make your free throws. Credit these guys for battling through despite those misses around the basket and those free-throw misses. They did a really good job battling through. I think with our team, we’re going to end up making those free throws in future games.”
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NATE BUSS – 2/18/15
Northern Iowa forward

“We’re going to come out with the same intensity and toughness that we do every single game, and we’re going to give it our best.”
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Providence forward

“It really would be an honor to win. I learned about Dr. J growing up. He’s a great player and he did a lot of great things for the game of basketball. For me to be up for the award is just great.”
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SMU center

“We brought energy. That’s really all it came down to. We came out flat in the first half with no energy, and the second half was the total opposite. I think Nic (Moore) led the way with it. He came out kind of slow. In the second half, he defended better, got some good looks and helped our team.”
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