Trial attorney and TV personality

“This is a case where there’s so much circumstantial evidence that if he gets off, I will be shocked.”
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Notre Dame guard

“I mean, you’re in the pros. Obviously it’s the minor leagues, but you’re playing (professional) baseball – and that’s something that not many people can say they did, let alone have success in, and learn from some of the best to have ever played. That’s the way professional sports are. I throughly enjoyed it and I look forward to getting back to it whenever that is.”
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Former Kentucky great

“Pitino’s gone and we don’t have the talent on paper that we had in the previous years. And then all of a sudden we get on this magical run. We have the experience. We have the togetherness. We have the team attitude that allowed us to come back from any deficit. My last game at Kentucky – my last game as a college athlete – was a win, and not many people get to say that. So I’m just really blessed to be on the Kentucky team during that era. I love talking about it every day.”
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MATT BARNES – 4/1/15
Clippers forward

“We were just looking at the standings. There’s four or five teams with 50 wins already (or close to it). Golden State has the No. 1 seed, and they’re going to face a tough team in Oklahoma City or the Pelicans. Our goal is to see Golden State one more time, which is going to be probably in the Western Conference Finals. We got a lot of work to do before we get there, but we’re very confident when it comes to playing them.”
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Wes Matthews Sr – 4/2/15
Former Wisconsin great

“In this day and age, basketball is not even on the same level as that basketball back in the day. We didn’t have three-pointers. You had to get buckets. You had to know clock management and the physical toughness. Wisconsin has all of that. They’re not going to shy away from this game. They had this circled on their calendar last year. We want to do this again.”
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