RICK HORROW – 4/6/15
Sports Business Insider

“(Krzyzewski) talked to his players, I’m sure, about guarding against three-pointers, (but) when the three-pointers went up, the guys were in transition. Well, you got to get the rebounds first.”
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ZACH PARISE – 4/7/15
Minnesota Wild left wing

“Last year, I think we only won one road game in the playoffs. That was Game 7 of the first round. So just to have that confidence that we can win on the road is really big for us. I know playoffs is a whole different animal, but just to know we can come into these hard buildings and win games, it makes you feel good. It’s good for the psyche.”
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Former CBS lead college basketball analyst

“When you start talking about one college team has five guys that would still have eligibility that are starting in the NBA and are very valuable players and they’re not there anymore – and a guy who makes first team All-American would not even start on that college team. So I think fans need to go back and take a look at the era that people played. This is to take nothing away with what this Duke team did with their four freshmen or what Kentucky did, but it’s a whole different world out there.”
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DAVID DUSEK – 4/8/15
Golfweek Magazine senior writer

“He’s got big cojones. He showed it at the Ryder cup, which is the event that puts more pressure on American golfers than any other. He came through there, teamed up with Patrick Reed and they were the best pairing that we had for the American side. His composure is excellent, his putting is excellent. There’s no reason why, as crazy as it is, that this kid can’t win at Augusta this week.”
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NBA.com writer

“I’ll bet you the quality of basketball in the D-League is on par with the NCAA. But the problem is, it’s exposure. There’s no exposure. Theres no major television contract. Dick Vitale is not doing their games. Nobody is filling out a D-League bracket in their office.”
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RICK HORROW – 4/9/15
Sports Business Insider

“I was trying to troll the grounds today, trying to get a real number, and I actually heard from one of the ticket resellers that he just got a gentleman to pay $4,500 for (Friday) – and (Friday) is a big day. If Tiger continues to play maybe two or three over, he doesn’t make the cut. And so, (Friday) is the day that everybody thinks that they may get a last glimpse of Tiger and maybe a coronation of a new king. It is kind of interesting how well Jordan Spieth is playing.”
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