EDDIE OLCZYK – 4/13/15
NBC lead NHL analyst

“He looks great skating, shooting and doing everything else, but until you get popped on that thing, I don’t think anybody knows if it’s fully healed. But they’re saying that he’s good to go and it’s just a matter of when they give him the okay to get into the playoffs.”
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Alabama head coach

“So when college jobs became open this year, I started to keep a close eye on them and was hoping maybe we would get a call. And I started to get phone calls from some colleges and one was from the University of Alabama. And when they called and wanted to come in and seriously meet with me about the position, I jumped all over it.”
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JON BENINATI – 4/14/15
Capitals announcer

“And with respect to the home-ice advantage, it can get very, very good inside the Verizon Center. The Caps know – and the Caps fans know – they’ve got to match the Islanders. Because the Islanders’ resurgence this year – it’s been amazing to go to games at Nassau Coliseum. This is it. This is the end for the Isles. So you know their fans are definitely going to bring it.”
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RALPH LAWLER – 4/16/15
Clippers announcer

“It’s kind of reminiscent of the old days when Shaquille O’Neal was playing. Shaq took that kind of a pounding each and every night – and Blake takes it. (He) tries to dish it back as much as he can without getting any retaliatory foul or technical foul or getting into a scuffle that would wind up getting you taken out of the basketball game. But Blake gives as well as he receives. He’s a very physical player.”
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BILL WORRELL – 4/16/15
Rockets announcer

“But Dwight is acting like a kid again. He’s actually jumping and doing the things that made him a great player in the first place. That knee had just been bothering him so bad. Now he won’t have any backs-to-backs to worry about. But I think where he really helps the Rockets is more on the defensive end blocking shots, clogging up the lane. Dwight’s a great defensive player and he’s a great passer. They have co-existed very well together.”
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TIM ROYE – 4/16/15
Warriors announcer

“With Holiday back, that changes their dynamic because he’s a true point guard and I don’t think they really had one. Norris Cole is a little bit of a point guard, but Jrue Holiday is a true point guard. He’s going to get people line up in the right spots so they can be more effective.”
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