Spurs TV host

“They’re going to have to (make shots) and implement that offense a little bit more. They’ve got to get the Clips below 50 percent, but at 36 percent, there’s no chance they’re going to have a way to win. I think they’ll shoot better in Game 2.”
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PETE WEBER – 4/20/15
Predators play-by-play voice

“I was rather shocked that they did not come back with him in Game 2 when you consider that. But Joel Quenneville went with the idea that his No. 1 guy is Corey Crawford. Well, Corey Crawford ends up giving up six goals to Nashville on just 35 shots in the second game, so you come back with Darling.”
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Wild TV color analyst

“He played for some teams that weren’t always defensively conscious, and he even had decent numbers then. But to come to a team like the Wild and to come into the circumstance that the Wild were in and just run off the roll of games that he did, it’s phenomenal. It’s truly one of the great stories. It’s one that you don’t want to end because it’s running along so nicely right now.”
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SEAN KELLEY – 4/21/15
Pelicans radio voice

“I think that was a huge key in (Monday’s) game. He helped them get out of the gates quick, which wasn’t the case in Game 1. When he gets going early, that also creates things for Anthony, takes some of the pressure off of him. If Anthony can kick out to him or Gordon can help at least space the floor, that changes things a lot for the Pelicans offensively. He’s been really good so far and he’s been really steady since the All-Star Break. I am a little concerned about his defensive abilities against the bigger Klay Thompson. We saw that (Monday) night, especially late.”
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BOB STURM – 4/22/15
The Ticket in Dallas radio host

“Yeah, of course. That’s Rick Carlisle. He’s Bill Parcells with a whistle. He’s ready to go at it with any player who shows any sort of resistance. It’s tough to say if we go back to the night of the decision if they were all 100 percent on-board. But there’s no doubt ever since, Rondo doesn’t like Carlisle’s style, and Carlisle doesn’t like Rondo’s style. It’s taken on a life of its own for sure.”
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DAVE MISHKIN – 4/22/15
Lightning radio voice

“Now that was atypical for the Lightning (in Game 3), so we’ll see if they can get back to playing the way they typically do (in Game 4). But it’s not going to be easy. Because the Red Wings, as I mentioned, play a very structured game. Their defense is in great position to box out in front of Mrazek. They’re limiting the Lightning in many of these games to one-and-done shots, so the Lightning have to find a way – if they can get shots on the net – to try to get second and third opportunities.”
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DAVE JOHNSON – 4/23/15
Wizards radio play-by-play voice

“But to their credit, to Bradley Beal’s credit, they didn’t shoot well in Game 1, but he got rebounds, he got steals – he stayed in the game. Look, when you’re not getting the sugar, it’s easy to check out, and they didn’t in Game 1. That’s a big reason why they won in overtime – even when they (were) shooting poorly – and (then they) had much better success in Game 2. So there’s a maturity about this team that I think gives Wizards fans confidence that they can advance out of the first round.”
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