DAN WOIKE – 4/27/15
Orange County Register Clippers beat writer

“That’s the thing that Doc Rivers says: ‘In the playoffs, if you’re not scoring, you got to find something else to do to help us win. I think a lot of guys did that in that game. It just so happened that a lot of guys were scoring, too.”
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TOM VERDUCCI – 4/27/15
Sports Illustrated and Fox Sports MLB analyst

“You can have guys who have decent stuff or really good stuff, but when you get farther down the road – and maybe even in September playing meaningful games – (that’s) where the loss of Wainwright really comes into play. But for right now, I do think that that pitching staff has enough depth that they can carry this loss for awhile and still be a really good team.”
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Nets radio voice

“I don’t think Atlanta played well the first three games. I thought in Game 4, Atlanta played really well and the Nets still won the game. In the beginning of the series, I’m thinking, I don’t know if the Nets can get a game or two. And now, when you’re looking at it from a Nets perspective after these four games – and you saw what the Nets just did in Games 3 and 4 – you’re expecting the Nets now to win this series. If you’re a Nets fan, you’re going to be frustrated and upset if they don’t win this series. That’s what it’s gotten to now. It has more to do with Atlanta being exposed than the Nets rising to another level.”
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Yahoo! Sports Puck Daddy blogger

“It’s not a fun team to watch anymore. There’s no discernible personality. They don’t seem to like each other all that much on the ice – and life in general. There just needs to be some kind of a shakeup there, and it just seems like what the Penguins are opting instead to do is stay the course for another season because if they were healthier and got the bounces, it could be a different deal.”
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Spurs radio voice

“When you have guys that play a lot of minutes during the course of the regular season and the playoffs – like, for instance, the Miami Heat did – I think they tend to get a little bit tired come June because they’ve played so many games and played so many minutes. But when you’ve got a good bench and it gives you a lot of minutes throughout the course of the regular season and the playoffs – it’s not like he’s torn up the rotation once the postseason begins – then they’re fresher in those situations where you get into May and June.”
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ROCH KUBATKO – 4/29/15
MASNSports.com Orioles writer

“So apparently if you want to speed up the pace of the game, like baseball does, maybe you get rid of the fans. That game went a whole lot faster with an empty ball park for whatever reason.”
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