DAN WOOD – 5/4/15
Ducks radio color analyst

“Bob Hartley’s been around. He knows what he’s doing. He’s won a Stanley Cup. He obviously was going to change some things up after that 6-1 loss in Game 1, and we may see something different tomorrow night in Calgary. I think from a Flames perspective, as frustrated as they might be, they’re going to feel like yeah, they did play pretty well last night, and now they’re going to go home, they’re going to be in front of their crowd – which is going to be loud and enthusiastic – and I think the Flames figure they can build on last night. If things go their way, they get the series back to Anaheim evened up.”
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Bay Area News Group columnist

“Without him, they don’t stand a chance. They played a really good game, especially offensively, and they still only got 86 points. I just don’t see them winning in ORACLE. I don’t see anyone winning in ORACLE outside of San Antonio, and they’re now eliminated. Maybe LeBron could come in and do something magical. Maybe Chris Paul might do something magical. It’s going to take that level of a performance to beat the Warriors at ORACLE.”
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PAT HICKEY – 5/5/15
The Gazette hockey writer

“Tampa was coming off a Game 7 and they traveled the day after they beat Detroit. They probably had the same sort of emotional letdown that Montreal had last year after they beat Boston and then lost to the Rangers in the first game. But they managed to find a way to win and the Canadiens are in that position right now where they have to win tomorrow night.”
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Clippers radio host

“Because obviously in the short term they’re trying to beat the Houston Rockets and they have three more wins to go, but they’re also trying to win an NBA championship and hamstrings are tricky. Doc actually had the same sort of injury that Chris is dealing with during his playing days, and the last thing you want is for Chris to come back too soon and then have the hamstring nag and affect him for the rest of the playoff run, assuming the Clippers continue to advance.”
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CBS Sports NFL insider

“If we’re talking about three-quarters of one PSI or one PSI, that’s not nearly as noticeable as what some were reporting initially, which was that these balls were 25 to 30 percent more deflated than the norm. That’s just not the case.”
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PAT PRANICA – 5/6/15
Grizzlies TV play-by-play announcer

“I think what gives them that opportunity is you look at the Golden State offense. They led the league in scoring, they led the league in field-goal percentage, they led the league in points off turnovers, they led the league in fast-break points. Golden State’s offense is all about rhythm and flow, and the Grizzlies – more than any other team they’re going to face the rest of the way – has the ability to muck it up, to put the game in the mud, as Zach Randolph likes to say. That’s what you saw last night.”
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Rockets radio play-by-play voice

“They have multiple sub-par free-throw shooters, so we’ve seen the hack-a-situation for guys like Dwight and Josh (Smith) and the rookie, Clint Capela, and James Harden gets to the line a ton. So we’re used to seeing a lot of free throws. Last night was a little bit crazy, but if the Clippers don’t want the Rockets to shoot 64 free throws, quit hacking everybody.”
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BILLY JAFFE – 5/7/15
NHL Network, NESN and Sportsnet hockey analyst

“I look at them as being a very good team with a superior goalie, with the best goalie in the world, and they have the home-ice advantage behind them going back to the Bell Centre. It is going to be fun, it is going to be crazy, they are going to be indulging in some fun adult beverages – we all know that – and cheer in two languages. It’s going to be a great environment. But if Tampa gets their legs back and if they stay disciplined and then they can get Montreal taking a few penalties – which they did in Game 2 – that would play to their advantage. If not, absolutely I agree: Montreal has as good a chance to win the game as anybody.”
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