ADAM KAUFMAN – 5/11/15
WBZ News Radio Morning Anchor

“So they come down with a hard punishment, knowing full well that To Brady is going to appeal. So in my belief, they went with a punishment that they found acceptable based upon what it’s actually going to be. This thing is not going to stand at four games. I’d be shocked. As much as it would be for the league and for ratings some sort of poetic justice Tom Brady to be suspended the first four games of the year and come back Week 6 against Indianapolis of all teams, I don’t see that happening. I think it’s going to go down to one game, to two games, and the NFL can live with that. That’s why it goes higher on the front end.”
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ANDY BASKIN – 5/11/15
Cleveland’s 92.3 The Fan host

“He’s such a team player. He’s so intense and he just wants to be a part of this thing. I can’t tell you how impressed I’ve been with him – not only just on the floor, but the way he’s grown over the last year. He’s out there, he’s playing on fumes.”
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WARREN MOON – 5/12/15
Hall of Fame QB

“You’re talking about athletes that have the highest of egos, and they don’t ever want to admit that they had to do something extra to make themselves better. That has a lot to do with it. And once you start lying, you have to continue to keep lying because they just seem to catch up with you. At some point, when they’ve got you dead to rights, that’s when you come clean and ask for forgiveness. But I think every player is going to try and do that until somebody has him dead to rights or has a smoking gun.”
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EDDIE OLCZYK – 5/12/15
NHL on NBC analyst

“(Matt) Beleskey, what did he have, five goals every game in this last series against Calgary? He’s playing incredible. The kid (Frederik) Anderson has played really well. Their defense has played well for the most part. This is going to be the greatest challenge because of the offense that Anaheim can bring and also the physical presence. The Blackhawks have not seen a team (like this) yet in the playoffs.”
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CHAD DUKES – 5/13/15
Washington’s 106.7 The Fan host

“They’re the better team. They’re better than the Atlanta Hawks. I don’t think the Atlanta Hawks have put together a complete performance in this series, but (the Wizards) have to take better care of the ball or they’re not going to be able to beat what is a complete package, especially when (Jeff) Teague and (Kyle) Korver and all those guys are hitting their shots.”
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Hawks guard

“Everybody stays ready. You can see it on Mike Muscala. He was ready when coach told him to get in the game. He helped us a lot from the bench. Kent Bazemore, Pero Antic, everybody is ready. Kyle had one big-shot bomb. Everybody can step up and give us some points and give us some good minutes.”
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BOB RATHBUN – 5/14/15
Hawks TV play-by-play man

“Can you win a high-scoring game? Can you win a shootout? Can you win a grinder? Can you win a game where you commit a lot of turnovers? You go right down the list, and in this playoffs with Brooklyn and with Washington, check all the boxes. They’ve won every kind of way you can win. And I thought the Brooklyn series really helped prepare them for a game like last night. The only way Brooklyn could stay with them was to grind it out, slow it down, muck it up, and I thought it served them well (Wednesday) night when they were faced with that kind of a game.”
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