David Letterman did his final show Wednesday night, prompting an outpouring of thanks and memories from across the country, including those from Sweeny Murti.

Now a WFAN beat writer for the New York Yankees, Murti was the “point man” for Scott Ferrall’s show in the mid-1990s. Well, in March 1996, Ferrall was broadcasting from Maxwell’s, a bar under Rosie O’Grady’s on 7th Avenue. A couple of prominent television personalities dropped by the show that night to talk, including Dan Patrick.

Another personality moseyed on down for a few minutes as well. He didn’t go on the air, but he did meet Ferrall.

It was David Letterman.

Ferrall said it was “like meeting God himself.”

“I didn’t believe it was him, and then you walked up to him,” Murti recalled on CBS Sports Radio’s Ferrall on the Bench. “We’re talking about March of 1996. Dave’s right in (the) prime-time wheelhouse. Not that he ever lost a step, but this is two-and-a-half, three years into his CBS gig. He’s it, right there. This is prime. You don’t have a thousand channels to watch. You’re watching Dave or you’re watching Jay. Both of us are watching Dave. He was right around the corner. His studio is right around the corner, and you, Scotty, were enough of a curiosity to him that he had to come see you. It was like 11:30 or 12 o’clock on one of those nights and he was still in his office, decided to come down and we found out what a great sports fan he was. Listen, it was just a blast to think back on that time. We’re talking about what a great presence David Letterman was in all our lives. That was a moment when he was there for both of us. He was it, man. That was prime time.”

Murti retold this story in a column this week, for which Ferrall was extremely grateful. He thanked Murti profusely.

“That’s incredibly nice of you,” Murti said. “I wrote that down because that’s the only interaction I’ve ever had with David Letterman. And when he’s going off the air, I had to tell a story of some sort. Everybody has some sort of Letterman story. That’s my only one. I was around him for just a couple of minutes while you were on, but you obviously had a chance to go on his show, and it was fantastic. After that, he was a huge fan. He was sitting there staring at you from the staircase, and I tried my best to get him to come on the show. It would have been awesome. The best I could do was get him to meet you, and hey, it worked out for you pretty good, right?”

Ferrall called his two appearances on Letterman the “two greatest nights of my life.”

After one of the appearances, Letterman told Ferrall that he listens to him every night, that he gets a big kick out of him and that he loves his show.

“That’s bigger than any award you could have ever gotten,” Murti said.

Said Ferrall, “It was the greatest thing ever in my life.”


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