SHAUN POWELL – 5/18/15 writer

“Maybe a guy like that comes into the Clippers and does for them what Jason Terry does for the Rockets or Corey Brewer is doing for the Rockets.”
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EDDIE OLCZYK – 5/18/15
NHL on NBC lead analyst

“If you get a save and you cash in like that, that usually sends negativity throughout the building. I think it certainly did. It was a terrific performance by Bisop and by Johnson. The Rangers had their chances. Just not able to capitalize.”
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EJ HRADEK – 5/19/15
NHL Network analyst

“It’s hard to ever bet against them. I think when you look at the lineup all the way through, 1-20, I think Anaheim is a deeper group, but I think that high-end group from Chicago – that top part of their lineup – those guys are so good and so talented and so elite. They’ve done it before. It’s hard to ever bet against them.”
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Bleacher Report senior NBA writer

“The NBA is really sitting on a gold mine here with this group. They’re a bunch of guys that project very well for the media, starting with Curry (and) a bunch of others that are like that. They’re in a market that is a big market that has kind of been an under-tapped market because the team has not been consistently good over the years. They’re moving to San Francisco within the next three years if they can finally get that arena built. This is a potential monster – not just for this year, but for several years down the line. If they can get Draymond Green signed to an extension, which I think they’ll do – Curry is under contract at a relatively cheap rate. They got Thompson’s deal done. They’re just in great position going forward and they’re going to get David Lee’s contract off the books soon. So this isn’t a one-year deal here. This team has a chance to make a four- or five-year run.”
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Chicago Sun-Times columnist

“I talked to Epstein a bunch of times and he said if we didn’t get better after everything we did – getting rid of everybody and being so terrible – shame on us. But now a guy like Kris Bryant, that’s worth going to the ball park every day. They’ve got so many terrific young guys and if Jon Lester can hang on as a pitcher, it’s incredibly exciting.”
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SWEENY MURTI – 5/20/15
WFAN Yankees beat writer

“I wrote that down because that’s the only interaction I’ve ever had with David Letterman. And when he’s going off the air, I had to tell a story of some sort. Everybody has some sort of Letterman story. That’s my only one. I was around him for just a couple of minutes while you were on, but you obviously had a chance to go on his show, and it was fantastic. After that, he was a huge fan. He was sitting there staring at you from the staircase, and I tried my best to get him to come on the show. It would have been awesome. The best I could do was get him to meet you, and hey, it worked out for you pretty good, right?”
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Root Sports Southwest anchor

“From rim protection, doing what he does, I’ll tell you: I’ll put Dwight Howard on my team any day of the week. If anybody thinks Dwight Howard is soft, then they don’t watch Dwight Howard play day in and day out like I do.”
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ART SPANDER – 5/21/15
San Francisco Bay Area columnist

“I didn’t realize how good James Harden was. He is unstoppable.”
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