MICHAEL LEE – 5/25/15
Washington Post national NBA reporter

“You’re just seeing a guy right now who is really going all in on his commitment to this city and this franchise. When he said he was coming back home, he wanted to bring a championship to Cleveland, and I don’t think anybody can deny his commitment, especially by the way he’s been playing.”
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Chicago Sun-Times Bears reporter

“This is a petty terrible thing all the way around. Morally, ethically, from a P.R. standpoint, football-wise – it’s just bad news all the way around.”
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SCOTT MILLER – 5/26/15
Bleacher Report MLB columnist

“Granted, he doesn’t want to give Cole Hamels away. Granted, Cole Hamels is your biggest trade chip and if you’re going to rebuild that team – and it’s what the Phillies look like they clearly need to do – you need to kickstart that rebuilding program with a blockbuster trade in which you get a number of good pieces back. Cole Hamels is the avenue to go do that. But if you can’t pull the trigger on something – you’re going to ask high, but eventually, you’ve got to come to some kind of a deal. And they haven’t been able to do that yet.”
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EDDIE OLCZYK – 5/26/15
NHL on NBC lead analyst

“You just can’t figure either one of these series out when you look at the momentum and the swings and the surges that have happened in both the Eastern and Western Conference Finals.”
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FRED MCLEOD – 5/27/15
Cavs TV play-by-play announcer

“When you’ve got the best player in the world – I know Steph Curry is a phenomenal talent and was the most valuable player, but if any general manager in the league had a chance to pick one guy right now to win a championship or to raise the level of their play, they’d pick 23. I don’t put anything past this guy.”
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JERRY HINNEN – 5/27/15
CBSSports.com writer

“We would be the country probably best prepared to take it on short notice. But at this point, I’ll believe it when I see it.”
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Warriors TV play-by-play announcer

“I’d almost rather see LeBron get 50 every game and not get all the ancillary guys involved. I think when he’s triple-double LeBron – 30 points, 14 assists and 10 boards – then he’s getting everybody involved and Cleveland becomes a super handful. I don’t see this being a short series. I see the Warriors giving them everything they have and LeBron and Cleveland playing their best basketball right now. And with the seven-day build up, man, this is going to be a titanic matchup that probably is a seven-gamer.”
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KENNY ALBERT – 5/28/15
NHL play-by-play announcer

“It’s been crazy. They’ve won 10 straight elimination games at home, 15-3 now in the last 18 elimination games, four this year, 9-1 over the last two years. Henrik Lundqvist is the key when you look at all those numbers. Before he came to the Rangers, they missed the playoffs seven straight years. Ever since his arrival in 2005, nine out of 10 years in the playoffs, three Eastern Conference Finals the last four years, a Stanley Cup trip last year, a Presidents’ Trophy this year and another Game 7 (Friday) night.”
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