STEVE BUSBY – 6/1/15
Rangers TV play-by-play announcer

“Everybody on the ball club really believes they can compete and that they are as good – if not better – than everybody in the division. I think that last road trip when they went 7-2 really got in their minds, ‘Hey, we can really do this thing.’ They’re going to take it out and see what happens.”
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NBC Sports Network NBA insider and Sports Illustrated senior writer

“They’ll be right up there, frankly, with that mid-90s Bulls team that won 72 games. For one season, this is about as good as it gets.”
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RICK BARRY – 6/2/15
NBA Hall of Famer

“I think they’re the best team in the league. It’s nice that the fans finally have a team to root on to a championship. It’s been a long drought, to say the least, and I’m happy for the ownership and the whole organization and the players. I’m hoping that they get the full experience and they get an opportunity to enjoy celebrating an NBA championship along with their Western Conference championship.”
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Yahoo! Sports Puck Daddy blogger

“In the first round, there were people calling for his head, calling for Scott Darling to take the job. He took the crease back and didn’t give it back up. And in the latter part of the Ducks’ series, he was great. He is statistically a goalie that seems to play better as the postseason goes on, so that’s something to watch in this series.”
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CRAIG EHLO – 6/3/15
Former Cavs guard

“And again, with LeBron saying if he ever does win it, it’s for all of is who played or donned a Cleveland uniform – yeah, my heart is set on the Cavs. I just want those guys in Cleveland to experience a championship. I think LeBron is going to be able to do that with them this year.”
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NHL on NBC lead analyst

“I think that at times it was what we thought it would be, but it didn’t have that same track meet type of feeling – probably because Tampa just really shut it down. They went a long stretch in the first period where they didn’t have a shot on goal the last eight minutes of the period, and then they went a couple of minutes into the second period. I mentioned the couple of chances Stamkos had. Stamkos had back-to-back chances, (but) Crawford made (big saves).”
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Sports Radio’s 105 The Ticket host and Pioneer Press columnist

“People are excited here about the prospect of what this team can do if he stays healthy and Teddy Bridgewater at quarterback – because you can’t jam the line anymore to worry about just Adrian Peterson. You got to worry about Bridgewater – because he’s going to be something special.”
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