Setting an NBA Finals record is usually a good thing, but not when that record is for missed three-pointers.

Well, that’s what Stephen Curry did against the Cleveland Cavaliers in Game 2 of the Finals on Sunday. He attempted 15 three-pointers – and missed a record 13 of them – as part of an abysmal 5-of-23 performance in a 95-93 overtime loss.

Have we ever seen Curry play that poorly?

“I don’t think so,” Bay Area News Group columnist Marcus Thompson said on CBS Sports Radio’s Ferrall on the Bench. “He’s had some bad nights before, some off-shooting nights, but that was like an off everything. His shooting wasn’t great, his defense wasn’t great. He made some plays where you’re just like, ‘Huh?’ I’ve never seen him air-ball with the game on the line. He was very off. Some of that is a credit to the Cleveland defense, and some of it is a product of really bad Warriors offense that just didn’t allow him to get into a rhythm.”

As bad as Curry was throughout the game, he had a chance to give the Warriors the lead in the final seconds of overtime. He air-balled a two-point jumper.

That’s the kind of night Curry had. It was a complete meltdown.

“It definitely felt that way,” Thompson said. “I thought the biggest play of the night – the biggest head-scratcher for me – was Draymond Green had this incredible block on LeBron in the final seconds of overtime and (Andre) Iguodala tracks down the loose ball, saves it to Curry and it goes right between his legs and out of bounds. Cleveland gets the ball back and Dellavedova hits the game-winning free throws. But if he catches that ball, that’s the game – and Curry has the best hands on the team. His hands are amazing. So I don’t understand what happened. But he was really off. It wasn’t just about missing shots. It was like he couldn’t do anything right.”

Thompson said that Curry was very matter-of-fact after the game.

“I think he realized that it was an aberration,” Thompson said. “He knows he didn’t play well. He said he didn’t feel right. He wasn’t in a rhythm. I’m pretty sure it just snowballed in his head. I’ve seen him with this disposition before – like, ‘Okay, I’ll be back next game. I’ll show you.’ I almost get the sense that Curry needs these sometimes. He’s Steph Curry. We know who he is because he’s had the chip on his shoulder. He’s been doubted. He’s had to overcome. I think this situation where everybody’s like, ‘Wow, Steph, you were terrible’ is going to bring that edge out in him. I’ve seen that look in his eye he had after the game, so I’m thinking he’s going to play well.”

Game 3 is Tuesday in Cleveland at 9 p.m. ET.

The Warriors can’t play much better defensively, but they’ve got to score more points. The fact that they were held to 95 points in an overtime game is almost unfathomable.

“Cleveland shot 32 percent and won on the road,” Thompson said. “That’s crazy.”


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