Celtics legend

“I’m waiting to see what Curry does in a bounce-back game. They need him to establish his game and get that outside game going, but I think they’ll split (in Cleveland). I’m going to pick the Warriors in seven.”
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Bay Area News Group columnist

“Cleveland shot 32 percent and won on the road. That’s crazy.”
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DAN ROSEN – 6/9/15 senior writer

“No, no, I don’t think you can get away with regulating how players look and present themselves except for their uniforms. There’s rules and regulations for their uniforms, but otherwise, a guy’s got to be able to be who he wants to be, right? It’s a free country.”
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MATT MOORE – 6/9/15 NBA writer

“He had better be ready because so far he has really shrunk from this moment. After being so big so often, he’s really shrunk in the Finals.”
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SEKOU SMITH – 6/10/15 writer

“So what LeBron has done is not only stunning, but if he finishes it, everybody that’s criticized him and torn him to pieces over the years will have to really walk that back and start appreciating this guy for the truly great all-time player that he is.”
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BILLY JAFFE – 6/10/15
NESN NHL analyst

“When the playoffs began, I thought they were better than they were last year, but I didn’t know if they were ready and mature enough to do what it takes to win certain games in the playoffs, and they did it against the Rangers the last few games. They shut them out in 5 and 7, 2-0 on the road, and they’re doing it in this series. This sets up now for really good stuff on Saturday night in Tampa.”
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MIKE MORREALE – 6/11/15 writer

“Crawford has done everything possible – in particular in that last game – to salvage these wins here for the Hawks, but Duncan Keith has just been out of his mind in these playoffs. And you look at what Victor Hedman’s been doing for Tampa Bay. It’s been the same way. That’s what’s made for me personally this Stanley Cup such a treat to watch. Whoever wins this series, whether it’s Tampa Bay or Chicago, you could legitimately be saying that one of the defenseman on either team could be winning the Conn Smythe Trophy because they’ve been that good.”
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TIM REYNOLDS – 6/11/15
Associated Press NBA writer

“I said Golden State in seven before the series, and I stick with it. I think Cleveland – if they lose this game – I think all those aches and pains, they’re going to start to feel them now. And yeah, they get two days off, but that also means you get two days off to stew after a loss and another long flight and all that.”
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