SHAUN POWELL – 6/15/15 writer

“You can’t even compare this to Spurs/Heat with LeBron. Maybe not even Heat/Thunder. It’s a decent series. It’s had its moments. But if you take LeBron out of this series, we’re all watching women’s soccer right now.”
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OMAR MILLER – 6/16/15

“If nothing else, you will have a great time watching this show and it will make you understand why you should invest in real estate in Miami.”
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BEN REITER – 6/17/15
Sports Illustrated writer

“He was obviously extremely talented. (He) really brought innovation to the most traditional of sports, which is baseball. Anytime you have an innovator in a really high-bound environment, they’re going to get a lot of push-back, a lot of skeptics. The really annoying part for the Cardinals (was) what he did worked. They killed draft after draft after draft.”
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JIM BARNETT – 6/17/15
Warriors TV analyst

“They’ve got integrity. They have a good foundation. They’ve got balance in life, which, at my age, I really appreciate. It’s fun being around them and it’s been very magical. It’s been a magical season. For me, I’ve been doing it for 30 years, and I’ve never seen a team like this. It’s kind of fun to see basketball played the right way.”
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Former NFL RB

“I think right now players are so valuable. I think back then, the Cowboys really, really needed (draft picks). They had given up their draft picks, and the Vikings, I think, didn’t really need a player – because they had the players – but they needed some type of thing within the community, and I think that was that bridge between the community and the football team. It was weird because Minnesota had all the players they needed, but they had a disconnect with the community in Minnesota. I think I was that bridge between the gap.”
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DAVID DUSEK – 6/18/15
Golfweek Magazine senior writer

“There was, really from the get go, nothing that Tiger could do that seemed right on a course that, as the day went on, got more and more unforgiving. There was no facet of his game that he could rely on to try to right the ship. So right off the bat, when the bogey train started, he had a front-row seat and was just going to ride that damn train all the way into the 18th.”
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