DAVID DUSEK – 6/22/15
Golfweek senior magazine writer

“He wins three Masters. He wins the British Open. He wins a PGA Championship. As far as Greg Norman, the one thing I’ll say about (that) comparison – yeah, the guy imploded and he lost his fair share. He won a couple of majors, too. Greg Norman, though, would have showed up for the awards ceremony. Dustin Johnson, I get it. The guy was exposed. He was humiliated. He was embarrassed. I’m sure (he just) wanted to get the hell out of Chambers Bay as fast as his private jet could take him. But he needed to be out there. He should have been out there. Phil Mickelson has had his guts ripped out in front of everybody (and still went to awards ceremonies). Dustin Johnson was a no-show for that. I got to knock him a little bit. I get that he’s emotional. He wanted to win. But you got to suck it up and be out there.”
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USA Today MLB columnist

“I might do it later on just out of sympathy. It’s over 25 years. People kill people and get off before that. But my stance for the Hall of Fame is (that) the greatest players (should be in). I vote for Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens every year. I think they deserve to be in because they’re the greatest players. I won’t vote for Alex Rodriguez because he tested positive (twice during the drug-testing era), where before it was the Wild Wild West. Guys did everything, and nobody really cared.”
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JASON JONES – 6/23/15
Sacramento Bee Kings writer

“So after the last game, guys – they’re gone. There seems to be no real cohesion with how this thing is going to work, really at all. You would imagine the owner (Vivek Ranadive) would make these two sit down and talk. That hasn’t happened yet. These guys haven’t gotten together.”
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SCOTT MILLER – 6/23/15
Bleacher Report MLB columnist

“I know this spring he felt great because a year ago he was coming into the season having had a knee surgery, and as a result, he didn’t do his regular winter workouts. So a year ago, he was just kind of tentatively coming into the season. Well, now he’s more than a year removed from the knee surgery, and he’s got two good wheels under him right now. He was talking about that this spring, about how good he felt, and I think we’re seeing that manifest itself right now because the home runs – he’s just unconscious.”
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ANDY BASKIN – 6/24/15
Cleveland’s 92.3 The Fan host

“People want to say, ‘Well, look how far they got (without him). They won two games (against Golden State), they were two games away from winning the Finals and they didn’t have Kevin Love and they didn’t have Kyrie.’ Kyrie played in the first game – let’s not forget that – and they still lost that first game. That’s where I kind of have trouble saying I definitely think the Cavaliers would have won if Kyrie played. I don’t know that you can say that. I do know if they would’ve had Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving, it would have been a much different series.”
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PAT WILLIAMS – 6/24/15
Orlando Magic senior vice president

“Unfortunately, he couldn’t stay healthy, but for about three or four years with us – playing with Shaq – what a marvelous combination those two guys were. And the three future firsts were of great value as well. I think that was a trade that really was beneficial for the Magic.”
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MARC RATNER – 6/25/15
UFC Senior Vice President of Regulatory Affairs

“It was extremely disappointing. Last week, I was very cautiously optimistic. It looked like everything was pointing (in the right direction), and I believe we had the votes. Every day we didn’t get a vote started to scare me. By yesterday – or Monday, I guess it would have been – I was pretty sure it wasn’t going to happen. Each day they kept on saying ‘Today’s the day,’ but I knew. So once again, it’s wait until next year. Very, very disappointing. This is the closest we ever got.”
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GARY PARRISH – 6/25/15
CBSSports.com national columnist

“Again, I’m not calling it dumb because I really like Towns and I really like Russell. But if you’re Philadelphia and you’re able to get a true big-body center with an array of offensive moves, terrific feet, terrific hands – and with the third pick – I don’t care how he fits with you roster. You got to feel pretty good about that.”
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