After agreeing to terms with DeAndre Jordan and Wes Matthews, the Dallas Mavericks have to feel pretty good about their roster heading into the 2015-16 NBA season.

But how do fans feel? In a word, shocked.

But in a good way.

“Well, obviously it starts with disbelief because after 2012, 2013, 2104, we do this (same) dance,” The Ticket in Dallas radio host Bob Sturm said on CBS Sports Radio’s Ferrall on the Bench. “The Mavs have interest, they have cap rom, they’re moving around, they’re doing whatever they can to clear the deck so that someone can come be part of the core that follows the Dirk Era. (We were) left at the altar time and time again. Deron Williams, the Dallas kid, and he’d rather stay in Brooklyn. And Dwight Howard twice. They’ve had big dreams in the past. . . . So honestly, cynicism and doubt creeps higher and higher each year, and this year, they really went all in. Because if they did not get this done – I was talking with Mark Cuban a couple hours ago on the show and he was saying that if they did not get DeAndre Jordan and then Wes Matthews here in the last 24 hours, they were thinking this might be a great year to go all the way to the bottom of the league and try to have your David Robinson year. That’s pretty crazy for him to admit on the record, but that’s how big of a risk this was for the Mavericks to make sure that someone actually said yes to them this year.”

Word on the street is that Cuban and Dirk Nowitzki recruited Jordan to come to Dallas, while the Clippers weren’t really convincing him to stay.

Is that accurate?

“Well, honestly, down here the story goes a little more to Chandler Parsons,” Sturm said. “Not that Dirk and Cuban and all these guys weren’t in on it, but they’ve always been in on it. Chandler Parsons shares an agent with DeAndre Jordan – Dan Fegan – and the idea was that Parsons was going to have a lot of sway with Jordan to try to make it happen. Even last week when the Mavericks were taking in the second round a dude from India named Satnam Singh, who, honestly, his highlight film makes us very skeptical whether or not he’s an NBA prospect – but he’s another Dan Fegan client. And so, the writing on the wall started to say, ‘Man, the Mavericks’ relationship with this agent might actually be advantageous come free-agency time.’ . . . They got it done.”

Here’s the book on Jordan: He is arguably the best dunker, rebounder and shot-blocker in the NBA, but he can’t shoot jumpers and he can’t shoot free throws.

Is this a concern?

“I think the idea here is to try to focus on what he does well and to not ask him to do too much,” Sturm said. “But yeah, if you’re asking if I’m concerned that they’re going to get into a playoff game and they can’t have him on the court in the back half of the fourth quarter because (Gregg) Popovich is going to be laughing and running dudes at him to foul him and that whole bit, yeah, that’s a concern.”

Still, it’s never a bad thing when you add the best defensive big man in the NBA to your roster. Plus you’ve got Nowitzki. Plus you’ve got Parsons.

“I can see where they’re going right now,” Sturm said. “I can see the idea that this is probably more of setting the table for next summer where they will be able to add another max free agent if they can talk him into it. And it seems like with DeAndre and Chandler Parsons both at age 26, now you can make a convincing case to that third free agent to come join them because they are actually building something worth thinking about.”


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