The disgruntled Dez Bryant still doesn’t have a long-term deal with the Dallas Cowboys, and he is still threatening to sit out the start of the season.

It likely won’t come to that, but at this point, what will Bryant’s future long-term deal look like? What kind of deal will he get?

“I would say not a very good one,” Bleacher Report NFL insider Jason Cole said on CBS Sports Radio’s Ferrall on the Bench. “I would say that when the numbers finally come in and we get a look at this deal, I think it’s going to be pretty roundly criticized as being substandard when compared to guys like Calvin Johnson.”

Johnson signed a seven-year, $113 million deal with $48 million guaranteed.

That was in 2012.

“I will bet a sizable amount of money that Dez Bryant comes nowhere close to that,” Cole said. “Because we’re still talking about a seven-year, $100 million deal. That was the deal that was out there on the table a year ago for Dez. So he’s waited a year, changed agents, tried to complain and even threaten the Cowboys – and the Cowboys are just sitting there standing pat knowing Dez is going to take the deal.”

Another NFC East superstar without a long-term is Jason Pierre-Paul, who injured his hands in a fireworks accident this past weekend.

If you’re a betting man, bet on Bryant getting a long-term deal first.

“I would think that logically you would yank any long-term offer (if you’re the Giants),” Cole said. “You’re not going to pull back on the franchise tag at this point in time because you want to maintain control. But you don’t want to give (Pierre-Paul) a long-term offer because you don’t know what the results are on exactly how bad his hand is. So until I think the Giants get a straight answer on when he’s going to recover and how good he’s going to be, I think that they would hold back on the contract side of it. There’s no bone damage to his hand, from what I’m aware of. That’s what I’ve been told. It’s flesh, but that doesn’t mean it’s not deep flesh that’s been burned, torn. We may be talking about skin grafts on the hand, and if that’s the case, those take awhile to heal.”

Pierre-Paul, in fact, may not be available to start the season. Allowing the hand to heal and then getting in shape will take time.

The Giants, of course, cannot be pleased right now.

“I think everybody’s mad right now,” Cole said, “but nobody’s probably more upset than Jason Pierre-Paul with himself. Not only are we talking about he put his career in jeopardy and cost himself a lot of money, but he has physical damage to his hands. I don’t think the Giants are upset. They’re concerned. Certainly they’re not happy that he’s done this, but I don’t think you would come off as mad at the player like all of a sudden you have a destroyed relationship. It’s more about, hey, we’re concerned. Is he going to be okay? We have to make decisions based on how his hand (is) going to heal. Is he going to be able to do the things he needs – like grab and pull offensive linemen – to allow him to be an effective pass rusher? How is the hand structurally?”


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