In one of the most stunning about-turns in NBA history, DeAndre Jordan will return to the Los Angeles Clippers, this after verbally agreeing to a four-year max contract with the Dallas Mavericks.

Jordan reportedly reached out to Doc Rivers and told him he was having second thoughts about leaving Los Angeles.

“That’s when the Clippers sent everybody down there (to Jordan’s house in Houston),” LA Times columnist Helene Elliott said on CBS Sports Radio’s Ferrall on the Bench. “And this whole terrific Twitter/emoji war started started raging and it was just hysterical to see (all these tweets). I guess (the Clippers’) persuasion worked.”

The Clippers apparently camped out at Jordan’s house until shortly after midnight. Jordan then signed a four-year max deal worth an estimated $88 million with an opt-out clause after three seasons.

The Mavericks must be fuming.

“Yeah, and I can’t blame them,” Elliott said. “I bet Mark Cuban will probably come out and criticize the whole way the moratorium process works, and who knows? Maybe he’ll file some kind of grievance or protest or lawsuit or heaven only knows. You got to admit it is kind of a bizarre thing where you can sort of agree to terms and you can’t actually legally say we’ve agreed on a contract with this guy. It’s just a bizarre thing I don’t think you see anywhere else. But knowing Cuban and his past, I expect him to have a beef about it, and there’s a lot of ways you look at it and say, ‘He’s got a good case.’

“(But it’s) happened before,” Elliot continued. “I was reading stuff about how other guys have talked about entering into agreements and negotiating terms. It’s such a weird process really because you can negotiate but you can’t formally reach an agreement before the moratorium period ends, so everybody kind of dances around it. But I think it’s interesting because there had been some speculation that there had been tension between DeAndre Jordan and Chris Paul and DeAndre Jordan and maybe Blake Griffin. But both guys jumped in and helped persuade him to stay. Maybe they all realized they’re going to be a better team with him than they would be without him.”

A few days ago, the Clippers seemingly didn’t care about Jordan leaving. J.J. Redick then called out the organization for its poor handling of the situation, and now Jordan is back in Los Angeles.

The Clippers must be loving life.

“I’m sure they got to be happy,” Elliot said. “Where else are you going to get a guy that can pull down that many rebounds for you every game? I think he’s a good guy. I’ve always had good dealings with him. I think he really just started to have second thoughts. The Clippers are the only team he’s every played for. They had a pretty good thing going for a while here. Maybe he just needs some pats on the back and some reassurances that hey, he really was wanted here. And obviously that worked.”


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