BRIAN KATREK – 7/20/15
PGA Tour Network and Sirius XM play-by-play anchor

“For it to come apart at 17 and miss a make-able putt, and then he gets in between clubs at 18 and brings it back off the green and into the Valley of Sin – and even then, the putt from there almost went in. It was a big bummer. He toyed with our emotions. That was the story of the week. Zach Johnson is still the British Open champion, but it was just a bigger story if Jordan Spieth won.”
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JARROD RUDOLPH – 7/20/15 NBA writer

“But no one should be surprised by this if you know anything about basketball – because that woman knows everything there is to know about the game. She was just given an opportunity and she’s done well. And hopefully what she’s done is open the eyes of other organizations where they’ll let other young ladies come along and have an opportunity. Because that’s what it’s really all about. It’s not about basketball acumenl it’s about opportunity. If these women are given the opportunity, they’re going to do well.”
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MATT VENSEL – 7/21/15
Minneapolis Star Tribune Vikings beat reporter

“Sponsors will come back. It’s the NFL. They’ll be making money in no time and making money off his image as well probably too.”
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USA Today MLB columnist

“They can go for a Wild Card spot. They can get the No. 2 Wild Card spot, (but) so what? We know what the Giants did with it last year. They went to a World Series. But realistically, the No. 2 Wild Card spot, what good is that? If you’re one-and-done like the Oakland A’s were last year, it’s a complete waste of time. I think the Tigers realize, ‘You know what? If we can get some pieces for Cespedes and pieces for Price, we can rebuild in a hurry. If we hang tight and don’t make a move, all we get is draft picks and then you’re talking about slowing down the rebuilding process for several years.’”
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Texans linebacker

“We do. I think we’re going to have a quarterback battle. It’s going to be intense. I think the best guy is going to eventually get it. They’re going to test both of them. That’s why they brought Brian Hoyer in in the first place. They wanted them to compete. I think both are very talented. I think both are very smart. It’ll be a good battle. It’ll be very competitive and the best quarterback, I believe, in the end will get the job.”
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DENNIS DODD – 7/22/15 college football columnist

“What do they always tell us? Every week is a grinder. Week in and week out, it’s so tough. Maybe by their logic, maybe it’s too tough to play 15 games to win a championship and win 14 of them and that’s what he was saying. This discussion doesn’t start unless you believe there’s a quote-unquote drought in the SEC – and by their standards, there is. Two years without a championship, so Saban now makes all these excuses last week about why they lost instead of saying they played a bad game. Ohio State was better. Maybe he ground them into dust. Maybe he worked them too hard. I don’t know.”
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Austin American-Statesman sports columnist

“If you have a young quarterback, it really helps to have some athleticism because when a play breaks down you can still call upon your God-given gifts to make things happen – and too often Tyrone Swoopes wasn’t able to do that. He’s not fleet of foot. He has a huge arm, but he’s not very accurate.”
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Root Sports Houston anchor

“The Astros gave up a couple of Class-A players. And from what I understand, the catcher was one of their top catching prospects, and then they gave up a pitcher. But you to give up a little something. And Scott Kazmir, his career tells you he’s pitched with a lot of grit, a lot of determination.”
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