In the latest NFL saga that simply won’t end, the league has upheld its four-game suspension of Tom Brady, who will almost assuredly take the league to court as a result.

“Obviously he feels like he’s worth it and that preserving his name and reputation that he has built up really over 15 years in the NFL, that those are worth preserving to him,” Boston Globe Patriots beat reporter Shalise Manza Young said on CBS Sports Radio’s Ferrall on the Bench. “He feels like the NFL did him wrong in this whole situation, and he’s going to fight it. I’m a little surprised he is going to court with this, but I think when we saw that it was the full four games, I think it became easier for him to fight it than if they had been able to come to some sort of agreement of one or two games. He’s just such a competitive guy. I couldn’t see him not taking one or two games if that really had been on the table for him. But I think the full four, he’s not going to stand for that. Clearly they’re going to go to court. That’s the next step.”

The NFL reportedly offered to cut Brady’s suspension in half, but Brady wanted only one game and requested that testimony from the appeal be sealed. The league apparently was having none of that.

“I guess that’s when things ended,” Manza Young said. “So many things have been flying around throughout this and everybody criticizes leaks, but seemingly we had leaks every week throughout this entire thing. Some of them true, but a lot of them not.”

According to reports, the NFL simply wanted Brady to admit involvement in Deflategate, but Brady was unwilling to acknowledge any wrongdoing.

“I think that is true,” Manza Young said. “I don’t know that for sure. I do believe that the league wanted him to admit guilt and he wasn’t going to do that because he feels he did nothing wrong.”

Now he’ll have to prove it in court – and, believe it or not, to some New England Patriots fans.

“I do believe there are some Patriots fans now who feel like they were duped a little bit by Brady with the news that (he destroyed his cell phone),” Manza Young said. “Some of them do feel that they were betrayed by Tom Brady and he’s not the Golden Boy that they thought he was. But then there are some people who are saying, ‘Well, the NFL is not a court of law. They’re not the actual police, They cannot compel Tom Brady to hand over his cell phone,’ which they can’t. The NFL wants players and coaches and officials to be cooperative in situations like this and handle communication, but they have no legal right to compel people to do that. I would not have handed over my actual cell phone if I were him, but destroying it on the day that you met with Ted Wells allegedly – that’s just not good optics. So I think that some people feel like they’ve been had a little bit. We all watch TV, we watch movies. It’s usually the bad guys destroying the evidence because they have something to hide.”


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