MATT BARROWS – 7/27/15
Sacramento Bee 49ers beat writer

“It’s like when you break up with a longtime girlfriend or boyfriend, the rebound guy or gal is the polar opposite of the guy that you went out with. This is Jim Tomsula. He’s super nice, he’s super easy to get along with. Like I said, he’s gregarious. A lot of things Jim Harbaugh rubbed people the wrong way with, Jim Tomsula is the opposite. I’m not saying that to pump up Jim Tomsula or to knock down Jim Harbaugh, but that’s the reality of it. In a lot of ways, they went with the polar opposite of the last guy.”
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NANDO DI FINO – 7/27/15
SiriusXM host

“He’s going from this tiny little park in Cincinnati . . . and being transferred now to this humongous park in Kansas City. It kind of nullifies the whole DH thing. This is a great thing for him and a great thing for the Royals.”
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Boston Globe Patriots beat reporter

“I guess that’s when things ended. So many things have been flying around throughout this and everybody criticizes leaks, but seemingly we had leaks every week throughout this entire thing. Some of them true, but a lot of them not.”
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FILIP BONDY – 7/28/15

“I don’t know how much he has to do with that. He was a batting coach for several months two years ago and he would go to these players and try to tell them, ‘Don’t be Barry Bonds. Don’t be George Brett. Be yourself.’ I think maybe they learned some lessons because he learned under Charlie Law. He learned all his batting under Law and he learned to spray the ball to all fields, he learned when to hit for power and when not to hit for power. I think that right now he’s enjoying this immensely – immensely. Last year that run that the Royals had was just incredible. He loved every second of it.”
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RICK HORROW – 7/29/15
Sports Business Insider

“Why? Well, Bill Polian put it well today. If every (time) collective bargaining did something that somebody didn’t like and you could go to court and overturn it, you’d never have collective bargaining. You’d never have a negotiation. That’s what the courts do when they try to uphold it. So that’s my prediction. But as a lawyer, you know I’m wrong more than I’m right.”
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RAY RATTO – 7/30/15
CSN Bay Area columnist

“I think the one thing that the Dodgers have (that) the Giants could but prefer not to have is the ability to buy their way out of mistakes. (The Dodgers) were certainly very active at the trade deadline. You would seem to think they’ve improved their pitching some, while the Giants have pretty much stood pat. So for the moment, I think the Dodgers are still better. And the Giants, while they’re healthier, they’re a different team, so they’re harder to make sense of. They’re now a hitting-and-defense team, not a pitching-and-defense team. So it’s not the same Giants that you remember from the three World Series. They hit the ball really well and they catch everything that’s hit near them – and it hasn’t been like that in the past.”
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“You got to build it. It takes time. You got to invest in yourself and go out there and spread the word with what we’re doing. You got to keep touring.”
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