Saint Asonia’s Mike Mushok and Adam Gontier dropped by CBS Sports Radio’s Ferrall on the Bench on Thursday to discuss their new album “Better Place.”

But first, a little sports talk.

Mushok, a native of Springfield, Mass., is a diehard Red Sox and Patriots fan. Those teams have won a lot over the years, but the Red Sox (45-58) are in last place in the AL East and Tom Brady has been suspended for the first four games of the 2015 season for his involvement in Deflategate.

But hey, at least the Patriots won the Super Bowl this past season. The Red Sox have been awful.

“They have been,” Mushok said. “The World Series (they won) stands out (because) they were horrible before that for two years, won it and (have been) horrible for another two years. The season’s over.”

Mushok then shared his candid thoughts on Roger Goodell.

“Listen, you don’t think Goodell has something against Brady?” Mushok asked. “He’s an idiot, man. I can’t stand that guy. I really have no idea what to think at this point. Obviously they just brought it back to New York. I think if it stayed in Minnesota, they had a chance of probably putting the trial off. But at this point, I really don’t know. I’m not an attorney. But taking it to court means it could not be answered for awhile.”

Goniter, meanwhile, is from Petersborough, Ontario, and is a big fan of the Blue Jays, who acquired Troy Tulowitzki and David Price just a few days apart this week.

“They’re giving it a go,” Gontier said. “It’s cool. It definitely caught me off guard for sure. I didn’t think Price was going to go anywhere. “

While both are big sports fans, Mushok and Gontier are musicians first and foremost and have had a great relationship over the years.

“Shortly after I left Three Days Grace, Mike was one of the first guys to reach out to me, just to say hey and ask if I wanted to do some writing,” Gontier said. “We didn’t have the intention of making a record – or having a band, for that matter. We just wanted to write some songs, and we did. We wrote three great songs. We recorded them, demo’d them (and it led to the album).”

Gontier was a member of Three Days Grace for two decades and produced four albums with them. He’s incredibly proud of his work with that band.

“Yeah, for sure,” Gontier said. “That band was a huge part of my life – 20 years of being in that band. So yeah, I’m proud of everything I did with that band, but it just got to a point where musically we were sort of on different pages and I was just needing (a change).”

Gontier and Mushok – along with Corey Lowery and Rich Bledoe – will release their debut album Friday, perform several shows in August and go on tour with Seether in October.

Gontier and Mushok wrote every song on the album, which Ferrall highly recommends.

Ferrall listened to every track, too.

“That’s the one thing I say,” Mushok said. “Listen to the whole thing. We really worked hard (on it).”

Touring and promoting is extremely important for bands these days, especially since few people still buy albums.

“You got to build it,” Mushok said. “It takes time. You got to invest in yourself and go out there and spread the word with what we’re doing. You got to keep touring.”


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