Boston Globe national MLB writer

“So you’re looking toward his free agency years now, and I’m sure (he’s) going to demand a lot of money and he’s probably not going to be worth the money that some teams are going to pay him. He’s one of those players that is not as good as you think. But I will say this. He’s a streaky guy, so if he’s on a good streak, he’s going to help you. Listen, he’s certainly better than anything the Mets had before they acquired him, so that’s already an improvement right there. I’m just saying he’s not what you think he is.”
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Oregonian Ducks beat writer

“Regardless of (whether) Helfrich was misinformed or not, I think his larger point was he wanted to start a discussion about drug testing. He was saying why are school-run drug tests so much more lenient or potentially more lenient than the NCAA? Why aren’t they the same? I think people can definitely follow that one. When it comes to what kind of information he got, I don’t know either. But he’s a very smart guy. He’s exceptionally smart. He was going to be a surgeon if he didn’t go into coaching. He picks his words carefully. I trusted that he wouldn’t have said that unless he had some kind of knowledge behind it. Maybe he didn’t, but I think the larger point was he just kind of wants to start some sort of discussion about drug-testing equities.”
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Showtime Championship Boxing analyst

“He always says, ‘I reserve the right to change my mind.’ Will you change your mind? There’s that new arena coming up there in Vegas of next year, and you know they would love Floyd to open it up.”
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Kings assistant coach

“To be able to be on your show and be able to tell you Muhammad Ali wants to see me coach? But that’s what friendship and that’s what love and kindness is. This is normal to me. I’ve been doing this my whole life. The people that grew up with me, they’re not surprised. They’re just happy. The people that didn’t really know me are happy because like with what Becky’s doing and Jen Welter and the amazing women’s soccer team and Serena Williams – we’re changing how we’re viewed. But men get it. These guys are hiring us – the Popovichs, the Vlade Divacs, the George Karls, the Bruce Arians’. They have really tremendous respect for us – because they know that it’s normal.”
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KNX 1070 host

“This kind of came about because C.J. was the one that made the announcement, and when that happens, that’s just kind of like an eyebrow-raiser because that’s not usually how things work.”
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JERRY HINNEN – 8/5/15 college football writer

“Harbaugh’s a great coach. They’re going to be much-improved. I think they’re going to be better than some people think. I think Jake Rudock, who is transferring in from Iowa – Harbaugh is going to get a lot more out of Rudock. But all that said, they’re not on the same plane with Ohio State. I don’t think they’re going to be able to beat Michigan State at home, either. They’re going to have a nice season. They’re going to win probably eight games – maybe nine if they catch some breaks – but they’re not on the same level with Ohio State and Michigan State.”
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Sporting News NFL writer

“These guys have been playing for him for a year or two years or whatever it’s been. Evan Mathis was incredibly critical of Chip Kelly and the way that he’s handled things when Chip let him go earlier this offseason. There’s a theme that’s developing. Maybe Chip Kelly is not a pro type of coach and maybe his college mindset may be affecting what his decision-making is like in the NFL. I don’t think anyone can really argue too much. That’s kind of been a common theme among people he’s let go. Is he really dealing with (them) like men, and can he really handle people talking to him like men like the way they did with Andy Reid for all those years? That’s probably part of the equation as well.”
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TIM GRAHAM – 8/6/15
Buffalo News sportswriter

“When something like this happens, it’s not that everybody’s aghast and can’t believe it (and says), ‘We need to rally around our hometown hero.’ I think that there a lot of people in Buffalo that look at it and shrug and say, ‘Well, that’s just one more thing that Patrick Kane has done that makes us embarrassed.’”
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