Charlotte Observer Panthers writer

“I was fortunate enough to cover him for awhile. It’s a shame for him and his family that he wasn’t able to wrap it up in Charlotte and be there in his final two seasons. But he seems happier in Baltimore and I know that he really, really wants a ring and he understands how important that ring is for him to make it to Canton.”
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JOE SIDDALL – 8/10/15
Blue Jays radio analyst

“Probably a little unconventional for most managers, but boy has it ever worked. There is no break right out of the gate for any starting pitcher. Nathan Eovaldi found out the hard way Friday night. (Masahiro) Tanaka found out the hard way Sunday.”
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ANDY BASKIN – 8/11/15
Cleveland’s 92.3 The Fan and Channel 5 host

“I also think that Johnny likes the fact that he’s playing with Josh. They’re kind of from the same town in Texas real close to each other. I just think he’s settled in. The cool thing is there were some outspoken veterans on this team that just – they were just not down with Johnny at all last year. I think a lot of people would say Joe Thomas was one of those guys, and Joe’s one of the guys singing his praises this year. So he’s garnering some respect in the locker room that I don’t think he had last year.”
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New Jersey Advance Media Jets writer

“I think that’s why you have this sort of reaction. It’s not necessarily because it’s Geno Smith or the Jets. This is such a bizarre story that it’s fascinating to people. People want to know how something like this can happen. The reports have been that (it was) over Geno not paying money for a plane ticket to a charity event that IK Enemkpali had had about a month ago. All of that seems like small potatoes in the grand scheme of things and not really something that ought to rise to the level of a guy punching a quarterback in such a way that he injures him for this long. It’s not something you see. I think that’s why people were really captivated by it.”
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Showtime Sports President

“Nothing has worked thus far, but it’s not going to stop me. He’s still got gas in the tank left. I think they’re still interested in getting maybe that rematch and certainly other fights. So it’s not going to keep me from trying. But for the time being, Floyd has pretty much said, ‘After Sept. 12, don’t call me; I’ll call you.’ We’re not going to listen. He’s going to get flowers, he’s going to get chocolates, he’s going to get whatever it will take. We’re going to try to talk him back out of it, but so far, nothing has convinced him.”
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TIM REYNOLDS – 8/12/15
AP writer

“My first thought – and I wish I had tweeted it – my first thought was, ‘Oh, Rex is getting this guy.’ That was honestly my first thought. And then right away you realize, no matter what happens with Brady – if he misses no games, if he misses two, if he misses four – the Dolphins feel like they’re built to compete with the Patriots even if Brady is there for all 16. I don’t think anybody was really buying on the Jets to begin with. I think there’s too much new going on in Buffalo right now. So it was shaping up kind of as a Miami/Patriots division anyway.”
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DAVID DUSEK – 8/13/15
Golfweek senior writer

“Yes, I do. This guy, to me, is like the late-80s, early 90s Buffalo Bills. Great regular season, gets you right to the promised land and then flops.”
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RICK HORROW – 8/13/15
Sports Business insider

“One of the best real deals to come to the Dolphins in a long time. I can’t remember a guy with as much impact as him, other than (Dan) Marino in ’83. But this is on the defensive side of the ball, so that makes a big difference.”
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