AP Chargers writer

“They got close in ’07 when they lost that AFC Championship Game in New England. A lot of people still talk grouse about, ‘Well, if Philip was healthy and Gates were healthy and LT were on the field and not on the sideline,’ but this is football – not correspondence chess. Things have to go well. I love that line because guys get hurt, yet fans (always talk about injuries). But the point is, he’s been in the playoffs, but they – whether it’s bad coaching, whether it’s stupid plays – they just haven’t put it together. Now he’s got five seasons to try to win one.”
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SCOTT MILLER – 8/17/15
Bleacher Report national MLB columnist

“(Nationally, people) view Pablo Sandoval as a superstar, and they couldn’t understand how the Giants can let that guy walk away. But Sandoval, he’s kind of like a modern-day Mr. October, but during the season he was very inconsistent. Beltran was very similar. In October and the big games, he’s come up clutch so much, so often.”
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JERRY FOLEY – 8/18/15 writer

“His drafts from ’09 to 2012 (weren’t good). So fans have been calling for Reese. They think the game has passed Coughlin by. They look at Coughlin kind of like a babysitter of (Bob) McAdoo and (Steve) Spagnuolo now. But the Maras, they don’t listen to that. They don’t care. They’re going to stay the course. I think they look at it like, what’s the alternative to Coughlin and Manning? They don’t know, so they’d rather stick with what they have and what they know. To Coughlin and Manning’s credit, they did go down the Canyon of Heroes twice, so the Maras are going to stick with it.”
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Alabama Media Group Crimson Tide beat writer

“There are definitely those moments where he’ll chew me out. He’s chewed out every beat writer. It’s part of the experience. It’s nothing anyone takes personally, but it’s been an enjoyable time. I wouldn’t trade it for anything, to be honest. You want to cover college football at its highest level, and this is exactly what I’ve been able to do. So it’s been a pretty cool experience.”
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BEN REITER – 8/19/15
Sports Illustrated writer

“But yeah, I think with a hot month, I still think he’s going to be in the conversation. (But) I wouldn’t say nobody knows about this guy. If you look at the NL All-Star voting, he got like the fourth-most votes of anybody in the league, so people know him – mostly by his stats. But I think with a big last month-and-a-half here, he could certainly be in the NL MVP discussion, along with Harper, and then you put Zack Greinke in there as well.”
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BOB STURM – 8/19/15
The Ticket in Dallas radio host

“They hope he can harness it and use it only for good, but Dez is going to be Dez.”
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JON SOLOMON – 8/20/15 national college football reporter

“Knowing Nick Saban’s track record, we may not have an answer for a couple weeks. He has done (it) in the past where he’ll have two quarterbacks play and then he’ll see who the hot guy (is) and then try to find one guy by about Week 3 or so.”
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DAVE BOLING – 8/20/15
Tacoma News Tribune sports columnist

“He is still the first guy sprinting between the drills to get to the next session. He is very focused. You can tell that he looks stronger, and I think he’s faster than he’s ever been. He said he has worked on his speed in the offseason. Maybe he’s going dancing with Ciara and learning moves form her, I don’t know. But I think he does not seem distracted by it all. He’s a very focused young man.”
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