Scott Ferrall flipped out on Jay Gruden on Thursday, saying it’s inexcusable that Gruden hung his superstar quarterback, Robert Griffin III, out to dry in a preseason win over Detroit Lions. Griffin was hit early and often in that game, ultimately exiting in the second quarter with a concussion.

Washington radio host Chad Dukes played Ferrall’s rant on Friday, and the reaction in the D.C. area was mixed.

“The main problem that they had was that you claimed Robert Griffin III was a superstar player and that no other coach in the NFL would do that to a superstar player,” the WJFK radio host said on CBS Sports Radio’s Ferrall on the Bench. “Not only were guys laughing their asses off, but they just couldn’t believe you still refer to Griffin as a superstar player. That was the main problem that people in D.C. and Virginia and Maryland had. (But) this has been a full-on revolt all day against (the Redskins). Pretty much everyone was drinking the Kool-Aid up until that stupid preseason game against the Detroit Lions.”

Okay, Griffin may not be a superstar player, Ferrall conceded, but he’s still the franchise quarterback – a guy who Washington gave an arm and a leg to get and a guy who, at 25, still has the potential to be a great quarterback in this league.

Only Gruden doesn’t think so.

“Jay Gruden very early on in the preseason last season came to the conclusion that Robert Griffin III was not his guy, that he couldn’t help this guy,” Dukes said. “He was very outspoken about that all season long. Look, in this offseason, he got his comeuppance. Dan Snyder or Bruce Allen or one of these guys went to Gruden and said, ‘Look, you’re going to start this guy, and that’s the end of it.’ What we’re seeing now is that Gruden is giving them a taste of what they always wanted: ‘All right, you want your guy to play quarterback, he’s got to get the reps. I don’t care if he’s getting his brains beaten out by the front seven of the Detroit Lions,’ which you and I both know is a damn fine defense.

“Look, I’m not saying it’s a conspiracy that he’s going out there to get Griffin hurt,” Dukes continued. “If that was ever found out, I don’t think he’d ever coach in the NFL ever again. What I will say is that he seems to be more than happy to show Dan Snyder that he is wrong and that Gruden is right about who should be the quarterback of this team. Whether that’s (Kirk) Cousins or whether that’s (Colt) McCoy, I don’t know, but I don’t think Gruden’s shedding any tears that Griffin has a concussion and may not be able to start against the Baltimore Ravens (next Saturday).”

Washington, however, said Griffin might be available against the Ravens – which Ferrall thinks is crazy. It’s a preseason game! Your franchise quarterback has just been concussed! Make sure he’s ready for Week 1! Shore up the offense line!

It appears the Redskins don’t care if Griffin is dead.

“They don’t, but this would be very convenient for me to blame on the Redskins, and trust me, it feels quite natural for em to do that,” Dukes said. “Robert Griffin III, I have said this for three years: When he gets tackled, he doesn’t get tackled; he gets exploded. You saw the first time when Haloti Ngata speared him in the middle of the damn field, his legs went one way, his body went another. The kid doesn’t know how to take contact. So average hits, average tackles, when this guy does it, it looks like a fatality performed in Mortal Kombat. I don’t know how it’s happened. I don’t know how he’s gotten this far in his career without learning how to slide or roll out of the pocket safely, (but) it doesn’t happen.”


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