JERRY HINNEN – 8/24/15 college football writer

“If he goes out, he wins the Pac-12 South, he wins the Pac-12 and he gets them into a College Football Playoff, no one’s going to care in another year. If he does not win, if he goes 7-5 again, if he gets blown out by Oregon, then this is going to be an issue. You can have a guy who embarrasses the program from time to time around if he wins. If he does not win, then this is going to be an issue.”
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NFL on CBS insider

“I think the issue with both these ultimately over time will be can they stop people from scoring enough on them to offset how much they can score?”
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DENNY MCLAIN – 8/25/15
Former Tigers pitcher

“If Henry lets him do what he wants to do, I would suspect it could happen next year. I don’t think Boston’s that far way, to be honest with you. They just need something that most clubs need: they need a little better pitching. But they play well in their own ball park; they put people on the field in Boston that will play well in their ballpark. They grow guys to play there. I suspect if he gets used to that real quick, they could have some pretty quick success. I would say two years.”
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MIKE WALDNER – 8/25/15
The Daily Breeze columnist

“One of the things I wrote – and he’s pretty much said this – he’s not going to touch liquor until at least after the season. As you know, I wrote that he needs to do that and he needs to do some major reevaluating. He just went through a divorce. That was final yesterday. They’ve got three kids. The wife, who is a very, very sweet person – and I have not talked to, and I don’t think she would answer the phone if I called – it’s a tough thing. He doesn’t get to see his children. So there’s a lot of things kind of going on. You can’t use those as excuses, though.”
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Pittsburgh WPXI sports director

“But he’s a guy with experience. And I think at this point in time, that probably makes him better than most.”
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ROY CUMMINGS – 8/26/15
Tampa Tribune Bucs beat writer

“I’m in the six-win category myself. I think they’re capable of winning more. The talent is there to do more. But when you got a rookie quarterback who’s going to make mistakes, when you’ve got young offensive linemen, which this team has, they’re going to have some growing pains too. So I think they’re going to have some issues there and that’s probably going to cost them a game or two. But I still see them as a six-win team or possibly even an eight-win team if everything goes their way – but again, everything’s going to have to go their way. . . . By next year, this is going to be a team to watch out for. This year is going to be fun because it’s going to be a growing season. But come next year, you could really see this team take off.”
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PETER MELE – 8/26/15
Barclays executive director

“For him to launch out this year, to have this breakout season where he not only is No. 1 in the FedEx Cup points list and on his way to the $10 million prize, but now he’s the No. 1 payer in the world – and at age 22, that’s just incredible. There’s so many young players out there: Jason Day, who just won the PGA Championship, Rory McIlroy, who’s not with us because he’e nursing the sore ankle. Golf is in such great hands right now. Rickie Fowler – these are 20-somethings, they’re just out there lighting it up.”
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RICK HORROW – 8/27/15
Sports Business Insider

“Usually the Week 3 games are interesting not just because you don’t want anybody to get hurt, but there are some storylines. This year, I think there are more storylines than ever, and then Sept. 3 – that Thursday – nobody plays. Everybody plays in the league, but nobody plays. So this will be the last few days of good preseason football, if that’s not a contradiction.”
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WJFK Redskins reporter

“They kind of have downplayed it and said it was a no-brainer to pick up the option because if he plays well, we can keep him at a reasonable price, and if he doesn’t, we can cut ties with him. Well, he’s got to play well first of all, and he’s got to stay healthy. The organization is taking some massive risk there expecting that to happen. We’ll see how it works out.”
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