Robert Griffin III was a Heisman Trophy winner. He wore Superman socks and starred in commercials and was the No. 2 overall pick and was Rookie of the Year and led the Washington Redskins to the playoffs.

Then the injuries mounted. Knee, ankle, concussion. He has since been demoted, and his reputation is in shambles.

He’s at rock bottom.

If you represented Giffin, what would you do at this point? To find out, CBS Sports Radio asked former NFL super agent Joel Corry, who knows the business inside and out.

“I would have called (team president) Bruce Allen because I’ve known him for close to 20 years and would have asked 1) for my release or 2) for permission to shop RG3 to other teams for a trade because I wouldn’t trust the Redskins to do what was in my player’s best interest given how he’s being treated,” Corry said on Ferrall on the Bench. “The one thing I’m perplexed about is why exercise the option for $16 million next year if this was going to be the result before the season started?”

Umm, because you’re the Washington Redskins and you’re stupid?

“Well, that’s been a dysfunctional organization ever since Dan Snyder took over,” Corry said. “It would make a very entertaining soap opera to be quite frank.”

The only question now is, what happens to Griffin going forward? Scott Ferrall didn’t believe a word of what Jay Gruden said about Griffin still having a future in D.C. Corry didn’t buy it, either.

“No, that’s not plausible that he’s in their plans (or that) his future is there,” Corry said. “If his future was in Washington, he’d still be starting, which was why I would be asking for a release. If they wouldn’t do that, (I’d want) permission to find a trade. The only way RG3 is going to resurrect his career, if that is possible, is someplace else. It won’t be under Jay Gruden, and it would be with the Redskins.”

But is a trade possible? Especially with Griffin’s 2016 option?

Apparently, yes.

“I kept hearing everyone saying, ‘There’s no way you can trade him because of the option year. No team’s going to want to pick that up,’” Corry said. “And the first thing I thought was, ‘That’s not right. There’s a way you can do it.’ It’s got a bunch of moving parts, but it’s going to require everyone making concessions. One, RG3 is going to have to give up the injury guarantee because no team is going to want that. Two, the Redskins are going to have to eat salary because he’s got the $3.2 million guarantee this year – and the only way you can do that under NFL rules is to convert salary into signing bonus. So they’re going to have to do that – eat salary – so the new team takes on a much lower salary than they would otherwise. So it’ll be close to his minimum salary. And three, they’re not going to get much in return for him because he doesn’t have high value. They’re going to have to accept the fact that it’s going to be a late-round pick at best, and maybe it’s going to be a conditional where it can increase if RG3 gets on the field. Only if those things happen will the trade be possible.”


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