MARC CARIG – 9/7/15
Newsday Mets writer

“And I think other places might not be as noticeable, but man, it was noticeable today. Not only were the seats empty, but you saw this mass exodus in the seventh inning and after that. So I think Bryce Harper was asked by reporters after the game to talk about the atmosphere because this is pretty much a playoff game, but that was his response. He called it brutal that the fans were leaving in the seventh inning. (It’s) so hard to miss in this park because right there in center field you could see, again, it looked like a red river flowing out of there.”
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CHIP PATTERSON – 9/7/15 college football writer

“It’s just going to be human instinct for a team that’s this talented, this well-put-together, to go through a Big Ten schedule where they’re going to be favored my multiple touchdowns on a week-in, week-out basis. I think we will have situations like this where they will start fast, maybe have little lapses and it’s going to be like the easy button. They’re just going to hit these big plays – just because they’re so much more talented than the rest of the college football world. The challenge for the team – and obviously for Urban Meyer – is going to be able to keep this team in a position so that it doesn’t get caught off guard by the wrong team at the wrong time (so it doesn’t cost) them a chance to win the playoff twice.”
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Sports director, producer

“They’re very, very excited. They know that this is an important showcase and can be a yearly staple on the network. I think ‘A Season with’ will have many years on Showtime.”
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Providence Journal sports columnist

“He’s not protecting the shield; he’s tarnishing the shield. I’ll put it to you this way: How many people could turn the Patriots and Tom Brady into sentimental favorites outside New England? By the end of Deflategate, I think that’s what Goodell had largely done.”
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Sports Xchange NFL writer

“If the Eagles are going to do something, they want to do it without having to pay the huge dollars. And so I guess the agent figures, ‘Well, let me try. He played well in the preseason. Let me see if I can get them to agree to something.’ But it just doesn’t make any sense. It’s best for both parties, really. Bradford, he’s going to bet on himself. He’s made enough money in his career for not hardly playing that the thing you’re going to do is, ‘Okay, I’m going to show them I can play. I’m going to show them I can stay healthy.’ And if that happens, he’ll get a huge deal after the season. That’s why nothing’s happened. I don’t understand what the big (deal) is. It’s (been) going on for a few months. Put it off to the end of the season. That’s the only thing that makes sense.”
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BYU wide receiver

“It was pretty spectacular to be a part of something like that. The ups and downs within a game – Taysom Hill is one of my best friends and to see him go down, it’s one of those games where we thought we had them in the first half. We thought we could have buried them earlier. And to have it come down to a Hail Mary, I’m a senior, a leader on the team, that ball was just fluttering in the air – I got to come down with it. It was a great environment. First game of the year. It was something that we needed to do to set the tone for these upcoming games.”
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CHRIS MANNIX – 9/10/15
Sports Illustrated writer

“He doesn’t knock guys out. He doesn’t go for the kill because he doesn’t have to. He’s up big in these fights and he’s collecting a big check regardless.”
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Patriots tight end

“That was a tough time for all of us Hawkeyes this week, watching Tyler go too soon. Our hearts go out to all his family and friends. It was a sad day for Hawkeyes.”
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