Well, that didn’t last long.

After just 22 months on the job, Texas athletic director Steve Patterson has been relieved of his duties.

If this seems surprising, well, it isn’t.

“We’ve been hearing about it for the last six months,” The Ticket in Dallas sports host Corby Davidson said on CBS Sports Radio’s Ferrall on the Bench. “The writing’s kind of been on the wall. I didn’t think it would be this fast. I didn’t think it would all be exacerbated to the point of it being done two weeks into the football season, and for him . . . it had to have been so incredibly awful. The things that we heard – he pissed off so many people that were important and so many people turned their backs on him, including their No. 1 booster, Joe Jamail, who is this lawyer in Houston who has got one of the $100 million suites that he, this year, backed out of and was like, I ain’t paying for it. And basically it was a protest to Patterson. And I think that was kind of the final straw where the powers that be over there at Texas were like, ‘That’s enough, we’re done. This guy’s too much. He’s pissed off too many people. We’re not moving in the right direction anywhere it seems like. Let’s just cut things right now while we can.’”

Scott Ferrall, for one, can’t believe it. He had heard rumblings that Patterson would not be long for the position, but the guy made good hires. He hired Charlie Strong – who, yes, hasn’t won a whole lot in Austin but has what it takes to turn the program around. Patterson also hired Shaka Smart, one of the top young coaches in basketball.

If you make hires that good, how can you screw things up in such a short amount of time behind the scenes that you’re fired?

“Man, that’s what I said,” Davidson said. “It’s almost impossible to completely screw something up this badly and get fired in less than two years. They gave him no time whatsoever. So it had to have been so bad – he had to have been the worst people person, right? So it’s very first and foremost to being a guy in a position like that at a giant school, you better be a people person. You better be able to glad-hand and kiss babies and things like that. It just seems like he wanted none of that. All he wanted to do was make money and make money in really controversial ways. It’s been such a disaster down there since the Longhorn Network started.”

Mack Brown was awkwardly dismissed, Rick Barnes was let go, Bill Powers was let go – the list goes on.

And now Patterson.

“It’s bizarre that a school like that that is a monster in college education and athletics has had this much trouble over the span of four years,” Davidson said. “It just – it ain’t normal.”


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