Falcons GM

“He’s got some really nice run skills. He doesn’t look at it like he’s a rookie. He has a swagger about him. I know it’s the first game, but we’re excited about what we have in him.”
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JERRY HINNEN – 9/14/15 college writer

“You got USC, you got Stanford, you got a lot of other very quality teams on there. Long-term, it sucks. Injuries suck. But the bottom line is, I have a hard time seeing them negotiate that entire schedule without the Mailk Zaire that we saw through the first six quarters of this season.”
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RAY RATTO – 9/15/15
CSN Bay Area columnist

“He’s got stuff to learn – like Cam Newton had stuff to learn, like Robert Griffin has stuff to learn, like Colin Kaepernick has stuff to learn. The 49ers just played the percentages, which is we know what Adrian Peterson can do to us. We’re going to make him inert. They did. The answer to your question is the 49ers looked good and smart, but I don’t know f they looked good enough and smart enough to win in Pittsburgh on Sunday – and Minnesota looked awful.”
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The Ticket in Dallas sports host

“It’s bizarre that a school like that that is a monster in college education and athletics has had this much trouble over the span of four years. It just – it ain’t normal.”
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USA Today MLB columnist

“Gerrit Cole has been great too, but not like this guy. This guy is putting up some historic numbers. No one’s been better since June 21 than this guy. He’s putting up a (sub-1.00) ERA in the second half, so I think it’d be very scary for whoever pays the Cubs in that Wild Card game. They’re not going to win the division, so it’s up to the Pirates to try to win the division because no one wants to play Arrieta.”
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ERIC HANSEN – 9/16/15
South Bend Tribune Notre Dame beat writer

“If Notre Dame can slow down that option, then you don’t have a kid trying to put up 45 points in his first college start. I think that’s a lot of pressure. And honestly, Brian VanGorder’s defense was a disappointment in the Virginia game. They started off very strong and ended up giving up over 400 yards. They looked lost in the secondary at times. So I think that’s where the game is going to be decided.”
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