With Tony Romo sidelined for eight to ten weeks with a broken clavicle, the Dallas Cowboys are searching for a replacement.

That, however, might be hard to find.

Dallas is reportedly interested in signing Christian Ponder, Matt Flynn or Josh Johnson – guys who, according to Scott Ferrall, are “hot garbage.”

Do the Cowboys have no faith in Brandon Weeden, or do they actually think one of these guys is going to come in and save the day?

“I don’t think they’re hoping one of them can come in and save the day,” Dallas Morning News Cowboys writer Jon Machota said on CBS Sports Radio’s Ferrall on the Bench. “I think they do feel comfortable with Brandon Weeden just because it is his second year in this system, and he feels comfortable with Scott Linehan’s offense and studying under Tony Romo and basically getting all these reps when Romo’s been sitting out. Brandon Weeden got a ton of first-team reps throughout last year because Romo was out nursing his back throughout the week. And even this year, Romo doesn’t practice on Wednesdays and Weeden gets all the first-team reps. So they feel comfortable that Weeden can weather the storm until Romo gets back in eight weeks.”

Weeden, to be fair, was solid in relief of Romo, going 7-of-7 for 73 yards and a touchdown in a 20-10 win over the Eagles in Philadelphia.

“These other guys, I think they just want to add a guy that potentially has some experience playing in an NFL game,” Machota said. “Because the guys they have on this practice squad right now – Jameill Showers, Kellen Moore – never even played in an NFL game. So I don’t think they feel comfortable enough with one of those guys. So they’re trying to get someone who has at least taken some snaps in an NFL game and started NFL games.”

Romo’s injury was a complete buzz kill for Cowboys fan. Dallas was well on its way to a 2-0 start over two divisional opponents. The season was getting off on the right foot. The future looked bright.

Then this happened.

“They’re cruising and the defense is just shutting down the running game that I thought would have success against the Cowboys – and then (Romo gets hurt),” Machota said. “You got to throw in there the Dez Bryant thing, too. Now you take these two guys – clearly their two most valuable payers – (and they’re out 8-10 weeks). I didn’t know how severe it was for Romo because he had a similar injury in 2010 and it ended his season. Now with that being said, it was because the season was already pretty much in the bag. There was no reason to bring him back. If this team stays in the playoff hunt, there’s obviously a reason to bring him back. But they can’t be surprised about a 35-year-old quarterback who’s not necessarily very mobile (getting hit). He takes shots from time to time. That’s why he’s had these multiple back injuries. So while I was surprised at the time because they were playing so well and Romo has been playing his best football, at the same time it’s always in the back of your mind. He’s just one clean hit away from possibly having his career ended.”


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