JON MACHOTA – 9/21/15
Dallas Morning News Cowboys writer

“Because the guys they have on this practice squad right now – Jameill Showers, Kellen Moore – never even played in an NFL game. So I don’t think they feel comfortable enough with one of those guys. So they’re trying to get someone who has at least taken some snaps in an NFL game and started NFL games.”
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DAVIS POTTER – 9/21/15
The Oxford Eagle Ole Miss writer

“That’s kind of one of those players where, when it happens, you go, ‘Okay, maybe this is our night. Maybe this is just going to work out for us.’ Ole Miss won by six points and it basically ended up being the difference in the game.”
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HOWARD CROSS – 9/22/15
Giants legend and current radio analyst

“But I’m looking at tape and I’m like, ‘Man, we should really throw the ball on these guys. No one’s really running on them, so are we going to go to our strength and try to run the ball against them or are we going to go and say let’s throw the ball down the field?’ I would throw the ball against the Giants. I would try every play to throw the ball against the Giants because they can’t cover all that well.”
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LARRY HOLDER – 9/22/15 Saints columnist

“I deemed this a crossroad year for the Saints before the year even started because of Drew Brees’ age, Drew Brees’ contract. You can’t go under .500 with Brees on your roster for three of the last four years. This just compounds the fact that it’s a potential crossroad year. If the Saints struggle this year, they got to think long and hard about in ’16 having to kind of do a complete rebuild if they can’t get it right by the end of this year.”
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ANDY BASKIN – 9/23/15
Cleveland’s 92.3 The Fan host

“The 40 percent who like Manziel were unbelievably loud today. I will say that. They want him to start this weekend, and I said myself, ‘Why not stay with Johnny?’ He did something last week that we haven’t seen the Browns really do since ’99. They had a game that was going down their leg. It was 21-0, then it was 21-7, then it was 21-14 and everybody knew the story. We all know what happens to the Browns when they get in this situation.”
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BOB CONDOTTA – 9/23/15
Seattle Times Seahawks writer

“He knew he’d get this year’s, but he had zero assurances of getting the 2016 and 2017. But what he was hoping to do, again, is if he got some ’17 money moved to ’16 – and get that guaranteed – he would get that money and he could also maybe then force a renegotiation or a restructuring where he would likely get a bonus and get some guaranteed money as well.”
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Memphis football head coach

“He’s a good player. He’s worked awfully hard. I’m proud of the way he’s come along. He’s getting more and more confident. He’s a really good athlete for a kid that big, and he threw the ball around pretty well. There was a time there probably late in the third quarter when I said over the headsets, ‘Let’s let Paxton go win the game. Whether it’s throwing it or running it or whatever, let’s keep the ball in his hands and see what he can do.’ And he certainly did it for us tonight.”
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SCOTT MILLER – 9/24/15
Bleacher Report MLB columnist

“If Johnny Cueto can be the ace he was in Cincinnati where he can give them seven or eight innings, that’s going to take a lot of pressure off this decision that Ned Yost has to make.”
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