Pittsburgh’s 93.7 The Fan host

“And it doesn’t hurt that he has Le’Veon Bell and Antonio Brown, so I’d agree with you. I think he is in that top three. I think Brady is still in a class by himself, but I think that Roethlisberger and Rodgers are right there. And I do think if he hasn’t passed Bradshaw already in Steelers fans minds, he definitely will before his career’s over.”
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MIKE YAM – 9/28/15
Pac 12 Network host

“They win with defense, and yet it was their offense that really carried them in that win. To me, it was an awe-inspiring performance – one of the better wins we’ve seen for that program.”
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USC wide receiver

“I know me personally – not just me, everybody on my team – knows a lot of people across town that go to UCLA. So the rivalry is awesome, to be honest. More than half of the team, we all grew up playing against each other, whether it was Pop Warner or high school. So it’s all fun and games, but once we step on that field, we’re not friends anymore. We’re ready to play. Once that day comes, we’re definitely going to show them who the Trojans are. They’re doing pretty good right now and I respect that. We’re just ready to play. . . . It’s going to be a good season. I definitely have confidence in my team.”
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MIKE AXISA – 9/29/15 MLB writer

“You look at their season, they started off great. I think they were like 18-7, something like that. But since then, they’ve basically been a .500 team and they’ve been extremely bad on the road. They have one of thew worst road records in baseball (30-47). It seems like every time they go on the road, they go like 1-7 or something ridiculous like that and that’s really set them back.”
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JEFF ZREBIAC – 9/30/15
Baltimore Sun Ravens writer

“You have 36-year-old Steve Smith, who’s played two amazing games in a row, but they really don’t have another guy to make a lot of plays down the field. That’s what Breshad Perriman was supposed to be, the rookie first-round pick, and he still hasn’t played yet (due to injury). He’s not going to play against the Steelers, either. So yeah, it’s an effort for them (to score). And they’re not running the ball. That was supposed to be sort of the bread and butter on offense this year.”
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DAN REEVES – 9/30/15
Legendary NFL coach

“Mike’s gone through a heck of a lot. The different systems and he’s gone through the trouble that he had off the field. He’s handled that. He’s gone through some difficult times and he’s just got to try to make the best of the situations that he’s in. I think this is a great opportunity for him. You hate – and I know he does hate – that Ben got hurt, but this is an opportunity. You never know when it’s going to happen, and he’s just got to step up and show what he’s capable of doing.”
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MIKE SMITH – 10/1/15
Former Falcons head coach

“You don’t want to be the only voice. You’ve got to have other voices because guys will tune you out if you’re the only voice. I really believe that. Jon has been very successful in not only writing books, but as a consultant to professional and college teams and business people as well. This was something we had talked about for years – about trying to get together and collaborate and doing a book. I had some free time this offseason, so it’s something we really jumped into. It was a fun project.”
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JEFF BLAIR – 10/1/15
Sportsnet 590 The Fan host

“This is a guy who basically is only going to be here for like two months and he’s acting like a guy who has been here forever. That was really important to what’s gone on with this team. It was kind of the thing that brought everything together. It’s kind of the guy that made everything gel.”
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