OMAR KELLY – 10/5/15
South Florida Sun-Sentinel sports columnist

“They’re a soft team and that wasn’t going to change until you got rid of Joe Philbin. Here’s what you do when you’re in the NFL. You go from one extreme to the other and you say, ‘Okay, we have a finesse, soft coach. Let’s go to Dan Campbell, who’s a hard you-know-what, who’s going to play aggressive. I want to be right at the line. I don’t want to worry about late this. I just want my guys to compete, play hard. We’re going to be aggressive. We’re going to win the line of scrimmage.’ Which is a complete contrast to who Joe Philbin was.”
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TIM BRANDO – 10/6/15
FOX Sports college football commentator

“As good as I think Stanford is – every time Stanford manhandles a Pac-12 team, Northwestern continues to ascend. They continue to ascend. And if they win that game (against Michigan), you’re going to see them really shoot up. It’ll be unbelievable.”
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Chicago Sun-Times columnist

“At the end of June through July and August and obviously September, Arrieta has been as good as any pitcher ever. It’s really nuts. He just doesn’t give up any earned runs at all. You say what does he do that’s different? It’s hard to say. He just does everything better. He’s got a curve ball that just breaks like crazy and a slider that’s amazing. He’s got a 95 mile-per-hour fast ball, but so do a lot of guys. There’s just something about capturing that moment, which he has done.”
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Houston Chronicle columnist

“He’s been that good against everybody, really. His record has just been phenomenal. He’s been able to move the ball around. He’s pitched with so much confidence. He said, ‘Look, I think I’ve been the best pitcher in baseball this year,’ and it’s hard to argue with him. He’s a legitimate Cy Young candidate – and probably will win the award – and the Astros are feeling pretty comfortable about how they’re going about doing it even with a young team, an inexperienced team. Keuchel will be pitching at home on Sunday where he set the major league record for most wins in a season at a home park.”
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TIM GRAHAM – 10/7/15
Buffalo News sportswriter

“If you have to do something where you tell your employees you’re not allowed to do it, then that means you have something that involves insider trading – something that probably needs to be regulated. How many companies can you think of or industries in which . . . an employee isn’t allowed to actually use the product and then that industry is not regulated? Maybe there’s something out there that I can’t think of, but it’s like banking and casinos and the financial industry. It’s all kind of things that can be rigged in which you can take advantage of proprietary information for your personal gain. That’s been a problem.”
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NFL on FOX analyst

“These guys are getting hit in the backfield as they’re getting the football. That’s not a formula for getting things done. Sam Bradford has had flashes where he’s been good, but he hasn’t had consistency. They’ve got to get to where both halves match on the way better side – and Sam Bradford is well aware of that.”
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