NOLAN CARROLL JR. – 10/19/15
Eagles cornerback

“Guys didn’t start pointing fingers when stuff was going wrong. We just stuck to the game plan. We listened to Chip. We listened to our coaches, we trust in our training, and every single week we continue to do the same thing – because we knew it was going to work eventually. That’s what you’re seeing now.”
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Charlotte Observer Panthers beat writer

“This is a pivot game both for the Seahawks and the Panthers, and the fact that they went up there and did it in a place where Russell Wilson has only lost twice in his NFL career, that was pretty impressive. Still, it’s funny. The Panthers still have not beaten a team with a winning record, but if you beat the two-time conference champions in their place, that’ll count for something.”
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RICK HORROW – 10/20/15
Sports Business Insider

“I don’t know if Mets/Kansas City is unwatchable or not, but there are a lot of other combinations baseball would have liked.”
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KENNETH SCOTT – 10/21/15
Utah WR

“I’ll have my support system there. People are going to be cheering me on and getting ready for this game. I can’t wait to be able to smell that California air and be able to hopefully come away with a win there too.”
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CAM INMAN – 10/21/15
Bay Area News Group 49ers reporter

“If this game was in Seattle, then highly unlikely. But this team has had a lot of trouble on the road. They’re 0-3 on the road. Their two wins have come at home. They’re going to be fired up. I was looking at the schedule. If you look at the Niners’ schedule, they have a lot of playoff teams on there and they’ve hit a bunch of them already, but this is their marquee game of the season. If they can’t come out fired up and realizing (that), look, they’re 2-4, they can’t afford another loss, you got the Seahawks who are wounded, they’re coming in and if they pull this game out, that’s two wins in a row and they’re 3-4 in a division that’s not as strong as everybody thought it was – then they’ve got renewed life.”
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JOHN HARPER – 10/22/15
New York Daily News columnist

“His stuff is unbelievable. When they clinched in Cincinnati a few weeks ago, he pitched a great game. I talked to Todd Frazier, who said he’s one of the two best pitchers I’ve ever faced in the big leagues in four-and-a-half years in the big leagues. That’s saying a lot. But that’s how good this guy’s stuff is and how good he can be. He’s only been in the big leagues since May.”
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Seahawks WR

“So just getting our bodies ready for us to be out there in the game and have us physically prepared as well – I think coach did a great job of managing that. So we got a couple days off. We just got to watch the film, get our bodies right and then be prepared for Dallas next week.”
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KURT COLEMAN – 10/22/15
Panthers safety

“If we line up, we execute our defense and we execute our offense and our special teams, we’re able to dictate a lot of things. I know with the tempo offense of Chip and Philly, they try to really (score fast). The negative side of that is if they get three-and-outs they put their defense right back on the field. So I think for us, you got to be able to control the tempo, control the pace of the game, run the ball and really hold the ball a lot. But defensively, we got to get them out of rhythm.”
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