A few days have passed, but it’s still hard to believe – at least on the surface – that Jerry Jones actually defended Greg Hardy on Sunday. But then when you think about it some more, it really isn’t.

“I think Jerry is just being Jerry,” CBS Sports NFL insider Jason La Canfora said on CBS Sports Radio’s Ferrall on the Bench. “We can go back all the way to the first sort of bastion of success that he had (and see parallels). And those teams – Michael Irvin is a friend of mine, I like Michael Irvin a ton, I respect the hell out of Michael Irvin – but I think Michael would be the first one to tell you he was a little bit out of control for some of those years. But Jerry was just about, ‘Get them on the field.’ Charles Haley was a guy on some of those teams, and Jerry was like, ‘Look, I can live with a lot of stuff as long as you bring it on Sunday.’”

It was the same deal with Terrell Owens.

“He never had the sort of runs-ins with he law that some of the other guys did,” La Canfora said, “but obviously he was a problem child and Jerry welcomed him with open arms. Adam Jones, back when he was still Pacman and back when he was getting in trouble quite frequently, Jerry (was like), ‘Hey, man, yeah if you can help me win, let’s do this.’ And you can go through the Josh Brent saga and all that, and you bring it right up until today. He’s very much about the here and now and let’s just go win football games. If you’re not in jail and if you’re not on some suspended list and I can sign you and you can do something for me that other guys in this locker room can’t, then just win baby.

“So is it enabling?” La Canfora continued. “Yes. In this case in particular, is it sleazy? I’ll say yes. The comments that Greg Hardy made when he came back in the league that Jerry sort of added to – I mean, nobody wants to hear that stuff. That’s not what they want to hear out of him, that’s not what they want to hear out of his boss. Trying to pretend that what happened on the sidelines Sunday is leadership – nobody’s buying that. But they’re in the hunt. They’re only a couple of game behind the Giants. That division is mediocre at best. And look at their pass rush in Weeks 1 through 4 and look at it the last two weeks. What’s changed? Why is it so different? Why did they get to Tom Brady five times in a half? Why were they in that game last week against the Giants? Greg Hardy had a lot to do with that, so Greg Hardy is A-okay with Jerry Jones right now.”


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