DENNIS DODD – 10/26/15
CBS Sports college football columnist

“He could have had a job before, but I don’t think anything measured up to his standards – or the fact that Nick may have told him, ‘Look, hey, stick around. I’m going to retire in X amount of years.’ I think this might be the year Kirby Smart comes out of Alabama.”
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CHRIS JOHNSON – 10/26/15
Cardinals running back

“I thank them for giving me an opportunity, but I guess that helped me get to where I am today, and that’s over there with he Arizona Cardinals. I thank them for that.”
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RANDALL HILL – 10/26/15
Former Dolphins and Miami WR

“No, listen, I bleed orange and green when you talk about Butch Davis, when you talk about Rob Chudzinski. They have equity at the University of Miami. This is a legendary school. This is a historic school when you talk about winning national titles (and) changing the face of college football. We were the guys who, when you think you had all the answers about the University of Miami, we re-wrote the questions. That is the University of Miami, and that’s what we should try to get back to. . . . You know South Florida. You can’t come down here and be successful unless you understand South Florida.”
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DEVON KENNARD – 10/27/15
Giants linebacker

“We’re playing for JPP. He’s a great player, great teammate and I can’t wait for him to get back and get healthy. But right now we have New Orleans and we’re worried about them. When he comes back, I know he’s going to be a great addition to add. His ability and what he can do on the football field will definitely help us, but for the time being, we got to go out and win games with the guys we have.”
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CBS Sports NFL insider

“We can go back all the way to the first sort of bastion of success that he had (and see parallels). And those teams – Michael Irvin is a friend of mine, I like Michael Irvin a ton, I respect the hell out of Michael Irvin – but I think Michael would be the first one to tell you he was a little bit out of control for some of those years. But Jerry was just about, ‘Get them on the field.’ Charles Haley was a guy on some of those teams, and Jerry was like, ‘Look, I can live with a lot of stuff as long as you bring it on Sunday.’”
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Former NFL LB

“They tend to do that down there in Dallas. It looked bad to me, at the end of the day a Tiger does not change its stripes. He is who he is. You want a guy who’s mean and nasty and physical, and is going to get after people and go get the quarterback, but you want it to be out on the field. Not on the sidelines against your own people.”
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SCOTT FELIX – 10/28/15
USC Trojans linebacker

“The passes that he throws are just absolute dimes. But that just gets us a little more pumped up to go rush him. We definitely want to affect him because if you don’t affect Goff, you’re going to suffer the consequences.”
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KEVIN MILLAR – 10/29/15
MLB Network analyst

“I don’t care how may interviews you do. I don’t care what you say in front of the camera. You got to believe in each other and look at each other as men (and say), ‘Let’s roll.’”
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Patriots cornerback

“You can get beat anytime if you’re not ready, so we’re just going to keep rolling and be ready whenever the opportunity comes to go out there and play.”
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Former Mets manager

“I don’t mean just trying to blow it by people because when guys are swinging early in the count and putting balls in play, if you put it down the middle, they’re more likely to find a hole or a gap. I think you can pitch a lot more with the fastball than they have. I thought deGrom could have used the high fast ball a lot more than he did, and he could have used it effectively. (He) said he went with other pitches, and I think he got burned because of it.”
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